Sunday, January 27, 2013

Corrax on the Rise



CTS #2 Page 10, Panel 2
 The issue # 2 is nearing completion but it has not been an easy one to say.  Everything in creative process was already done nearly a year ago at ECCC in-between book signing and selling of work.  That was never an issue and I would have thought in a perfect world that books 2 and 3 would have been completed and done and ready to show and sell with issue 4 not long behind to be printed but this is not the world I was able to make.
But what I wanted to say is that CTS is taking longer for me to work on than I had hoped for.
Does this mean that there won't be an issue coming out?
That big bird man takes up way to much of my time not to be seen.  He's just too much fun a character to stop working on.  I sometime wish that Vega had been more like that but without Vega and the history Corvis Corrax wouldn't be around. 


"CHROME STAG" 14"X11" scratchboard 2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
Now either I am one of the hardest working guys out there or I meet deadlines right on the head - probably both.  Framed and ready to hang for the "LOVE OF PORTLAND SHOW" -"CHROME STAG"
That 14"X11" Scratchboard is ready to sell.   But after looking at it I think I might take a stab at making a hoodie out of it.  The Design is just really cool.  I have seen a couple of other artist who are invited to the show and their take is cool.

And of course there are the small 5"x7" pieces that I have knocked out  that are pretty intense for the size and in color.  I still have a month to go before heading up there to Seattle so there may be even more to go.


NOW THERE IS one show that I haven't been to for a while and I haven't heard of any other my friends talk about- The OLYMPIA COMIC FESTIVAL.  I would like to think that this show is still going on but it hard to tell if they are still doing it.  It is a vert grass roots, fly by the seat of your pants set up which I don't have an issue with but I hope that it continues to keep getting out there.

"MASQUED FURY" 5"X7" scratchboard
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
Now some people will wonder if this book will ever get off the ground, I am confident that I can make this graphic novel fly.  Even a couple of the smaller 5"x7" scratchboard pieces I have worked on are still focusing on that story.
But in talking to my friends Devon and Dan  and George over a Mini Illustration Club a couple of things were brought up such as Devon's Kickstarter project called "Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2"  as well as Dan bringing up both ETSY and Big Cartel to help fund and get these projects out there.
I like  Devon's idea of having that completed project already done and then focus on the incentives and being reimbursed for a project that you were going to fund anyway by yourself.  The thing is the books done and just focuses on the marketing of project.  I think Dev liked my idea of the no word balloons or narration and therefor being able to go international with the work.   

I do commissions depending size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  Usually half down half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
Old blog for Black Box Comix entries can be found here at
And this kid is outta here.
But now this kid is gotta get going and finish Corrax!

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