Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year.

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

6 of 7 new transfer designs for the 5"x7" scratchboards for this years comic shows.
copyright 2013 Alan Bennett and BBVA

NOW that beginning of the year has started up more gallery work is going on as is small scratchboard pieces for comic shows.  To keep within my 25 5"x7" scratchboard I have already started out sketching out 7 new pieces before E.C.C.C. comes around.   I think that these new pieces will catch peoples attention as they also will be colored as well.
I have also recently received word that I will be tabling with NEOtrash Comix for both Stumptown Comics Festival and Rose City Comic Show.  So be looking here for further developements as time goes on.  You always got be showing work in your own backyard.

Corrax the Seeker Issue #2, panels 2-4  Not edited.  2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

Of course I'm always excited by the giant man bird when issues start to come together quickly.  Issue #2 is really looking sharp.  I hope to have a three more pages done by this weekend and looking to have editorial copy ready for Jason very soon.

Collection of scratchboards has already started. That in of itself is a big investment for me.  Large scratchboards are not cheap- especially 16“x20“.  $15.50 Times that by roughly 65 panels comes to just over a thousand dollars.  That doesn't even cover some of the cost of varnishing and god forbid- the printing!  This is where the kickstarter program could really help out and defir my costs. But aside from that things are starting to look good as new thumbnails are being put into place instead of the typical comic narration that a writer will drop into place for a transition of time between events in a story.  PLUS there are some panels that aren't quiet what they need to be for the kind of impact that I am looking for in this story. 
In a funny kind of way my friend Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics and my friend Dan DePaolo were chatting over some beer (as some artists like to do.) and Adam asked me "What do you want to do in comics?"
I had to think about this but it was a question he had asked me a long time ago.  At first I answered "Win an Esiner Award...?"
"No." Adam said.  And then he reminded me of what I had said to him years ago. "Finish a story."
And he was right.  In the time that I have been doing comics I have had this chance to meet several really cool people that I wanted to work with but it has always happened when I was in the middle of some comic work I was doing.  I used to jump at the chance to do it but these days I just keep doing what I want and if I have the time then I'll do it.  Weird Atomic Tales with Jason of NEOtrash was like that as was the crossover with Ghost Assassin with Adam.
That's why I am sure that Corrax will get done as will Dreams of Elysium.

As of today I am picking up one piece from the "NEW BROW" show from November and dropping off three pieces for a last Thursday show at the Hawthorne Hideaway.  I have no idea what this will be like but I am thinking that having another show right after another one in a different area of town is always good for exposure.  
ON TOP OF THAT I am currently getting under way for another image to be ready for the 2013 PORTLAND LOVE SHOW.  I have been part of that show for the last two years of that group show and I am looking to get into it again this year.

COMMISSIONS: I have one that I am currently formating for a friend of mine up in Bellingham WA.  
I do commissions depending size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  Usually half down half on completion of project.
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