Monday, August 10, 2015

Now for the tough job....

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
The kid now has ALL of the work ready and varnished but now comes the framing part of the job.
Now mind you I'm a pretty detailed kinda guy so when it comes to framing I know very little about it but try my damnedest to learn what I can do.
With 14 9" x12" 's and a couple of 11" x14'"s and one 18" x24"

The Framing of Richard Parker all 9"x12" in 12"x16" frames

I think I'm gonna have my hands full framing these pieces then there is the ever pesky thing about writing about yourself both in the first person for the artist statement and third person for your personal bio. That's the one that everyone falls into the idea of parody OR so esoteric and snobby that nobody would want to look at the work.
You just have to use the hook like you would for selling Indy Comix at a show.
Biggest difference is your showing for a month not a couple of days.
At least that's the way this comes through to me.
The whole art gallery and dealing places and the show curators have been hard to pin down what the best way is to approach and make your pitch for a potential show.

There is also what stuff do you bring from the last show to the newest one? Which pieces make the cut and which don't. And sometimes just sometimes a piece that you are really attached to is like that and nobody see what you see in it.
I've got a piece like that.
A small 5"x7" with the Manwolf image I did.
I really don't want this one to go because it also represents for me a cool story idea for dealing with Captain America's shield in a story called "The SHEILD".
But this is just and idea that Cap's Shield would be the main focal point of the story between different heroes in the Marvel Universe and a couple parallels. Of course I might have to use a villain that I love in it as well which is Kang the Conqueror. A mini series if you will and Deathlok, Major Victory and Killraven as well as the ManWolf would be involved in this story to preserve all of mankind's accomplishments as well including technology transcribed by Reed Richards and Tony Stark.
I also might throw in the Winter Soldier in there as well.
Of course this is a fan boys idea of using these older characters that I was reading about when I was younger.

BUT I got off topic there. 

there is a few pieces left to frame but the majority of them are done and that part I am happy with. I have been told that the show now has moved up for show time which means for me that I got bust my balls getting work done. And then there is talking to the curator of NWIPA (which they didn't used to but having a place becomes more well known after their third year they needed one.) time to hang work, gallery cuts artist's statements and bio's. 

It all gets very confusing. But work is progressing .

There is a new learning curve that is being thrown around at the Condo of Concepts and that is instead of constantly limiting myself with my art and the originality of the work which is never to be seen again make larger pieces that can be used for prints and crop the image to fit a 8" x8" format for the BIG  500.
Now the biggest reason I have sooo fixated on this is because the show has proven to me to be the one place that seems to be the one place I know I could sell work on a regular basis. Knowing that I could sell at least 7 out of ten pieces of work pretty consistently.
A number of friends had badgering me (though genitally) to think bigger. I always agreed with this but how?
I know I'm not always the brightest Bulb in the box but give me a little more to work with. Conceptual design is great but how could take what I already have going (which is fantastic looking to begin with to toot my own horn) and adapt it. I'm not talking about how to make more buttons and t-shirts or coffee mugs but make prints work for the original and still sell that at a gallery.

Oh well that's it for the kid here as I start moving to a birthday and other stuff.

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