Friday, August 21, 2015

Closer, come close...

Hey there sport fans, Al here with the latest!

New Flash! If you haven't been following any of the invites on Facebook or the separate Black Box Visual Arts Facebook page there has been some interesting new and confusion as well.

All of this pertains to the DIVE IN! art show this September. Only in two weeks.
Originally set for the 19th for an opening due to a scheduling conflict with the previous artist The fine folkes at NWIPA have asked if I would be able to show 2 weeks early.
I said yes.
Then due another scheduled conflict at NWIPA the event will officially open September 12th.
Did ya get all of that? Show opens the 1st, Grand Event opening The 12th. The show runs through till October 16th!
It's all pretty crazy.
Now on top of that the artists bio and series statement have been typed up and are being proof read by a large amount of artist friends (some of which are reading this blog right now) to help me refine and condense the show's intent.
these next couple of images are what I have to date for the show.

Here is the latest for the poster that I have in mind for the show. Hopefully it will get the point across when the show is and what to expect for the the style of the show.

There has been some confusion as to when because there has been a couple different start times due scheduling conflicts and the like.

What's new?

Well as the show gets closer there is definitely things changing and this show is no different.

I still have a playlist for music to put together that suits the deep sea diver motif when the Event opens on the 12th of September. To add to that there is merchandise that I have to plan for while I am not at NWIPA while I toil at my 9-5 job. Prints and original pieces of artwork have already been assigned to my SQUARE app and it seems that this (my store) can be linked to NWIPA's iPad and charge sales to there. This will make things so much easier to track sales for me and them since there is about 4 different guys working there during the course of the week.

So I do have a listing of different nautical tunes in mind so that I hope will be the last thing I do.

Being stressed bugs me a lot and this show is much more than anything I have planned on for. In the last couple of years I could have never thought that I would have such a turn out or anything but this year will be different. The work is strong and constantly getting stronger all the time. I love that.

After looking on line for several sample of both this is what I was able to come up with for the "DIVE IN!" art show. Writing in the third person is not something that I do well. Never have so I have post both of these for people to look at and tell me what are glaring issues with either one of them. I really think that this show will take off for me because there is so many loose ends that I have accounted for and I really want Parker to take off so that I can begin to make more work with him in it and pull away from the 9 to 5 job.


That is and interesting idea. There are in fact two different things on my plate firstly is a new series of 9" x12" scratchboard for small groups to be sold in sets. Mad Scientists, Robots, Rocketmen. Noir Detectives, Popart 60's Etc. All of these have that old nostalgic feel to them and make it easier for me focus on a few different options and still keep my work fresh.

I have also been working towards setting up new art shows for moi and others when they are ready and put them in touch with the people to know. Haven't started charging a finder's fee yet but you never know.
Looking at setting up a scratchboard show at NWIPA along with some of my fellow scratchboarders and setting up another solo show at the Slingshot Lounge as well.

Well that's it for the kid I am outta of here.
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