Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Latest from the Box

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

Well at least now the dust has begun to settle now after a move but this doesn't stop the creative process from happening and this is more true than when getting ready for a show or updating tech for these show. Namely a new smart phone.

The droid maxx. Water Proof and long life. These were and are two of the major reasons I decided to go with this guy because of the factors of living here in the Northwest. Rain and making sales. Since over the years the square apt has been at least 1/3rd to ½ of my sales I needed something that can keep up with me.
I've have heard of other vendors saying to each other “Hey man, do you have a charger I can barrow?”

Like so many other people in the field of sell work at shows (along with commissions as well) using tech now has become part of the landscape of making a living for selling artwork.

One of the biggest challenges is the constant updates that need to be addressed is the issue of new apts being uploaded and behaving differently on the new device than what you were already used to.

I am hoping by the time the Crypticon rolls around this year in Federal Way/ Seattle I will have managed to master the machine.

Other than that tech also plagues me as with my main apple computer tower that I have been using to format Corpse Cop with photoshop has gone down along along with with stuff I was working on was is still on desk top so now it's on to see if I can still pull that material from onto one my hard drives. Luckily for me I have been able to save a massive amount of information . Now after years of working and having it's learning a new open source art program GIMP. And though it is pretty damn close to photoshop there are tools that I am having to relearn. So I might still be able to get Corpse Cop off the ground with this new laptop I am currently working on so here is to keeping my fingers crossed.

The script is under re-development currently. And I am retooling the script to fit Richard Parker better to coincide with the images that I have been working on. Of course the art show in September at N.W.I.P.A. is the main focus of art the story and placing all of these images into a booklet along with other images that didn't make into the story for one reason or another to round out the purchase is looking good to me.

An example of one of the Halloween postcards.
There are some newer images that I am having to think about for postcards. These particular card are a two fold kinda thing. One set I am thinking of doing about 4 different cards for Halloween and then maybe a set of six cards for just general sales for the rest of the year.
 The Halloween cards consist of skulls and dancing skeletons, crows peached on skulls a haunted house and a black cat with some witchy stuff on it.
 I know a lot of my friends would say "well that's already been tried." And that's true, they have. BUT all of these images mentioned have not been done before but not in scratchboard. that's what makes them unique. At least in the searches on the inter webs.

The other cards I am thinking about really focus on the Northwest rather than the Horror stuff I have been working on. Broadening my horizons as they say. One of the biggest issues is still finding that niche that I can really carve out for myself and make a living as a artist. Of course the subject that I am looking to apply to the Northwest cards might not much of a stretch for me.

Sasquatch is going to be a big part for me over the this year. Doing various Northwest kinda of things.

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 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do.

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