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Hey there sports fans Al here (finally) with the latest;

Life is full of turbulence and chaos and we are oftentimes required to make big changes in life and moving can be a big burden for some. And for me and the box this is even more so.

Artists I found are the biggest collectors of private histories and like any well versed historian the art work that we drag with us is at times almost like the deepest sunken anchor in the ocean. It takes Herculean strength to move. And that has been exactly what has happened for me in the last couple months planning and prepping.

But of course when you are dealing with decades of now almost worthless collections that only your mother would hold onto - what do you do?

PURGE! (and not like the movie either)

But all is not lost though. With the 21st Century there is technology that was available to the average Joe out there. Now though I am still waiting to my jet pack MY older artwork is being scanned in before jettisoning this extra baggage.

The ONLY thing that this move does do for the current work LIKE RICHARD PARKER and Corpse Cop is put things on hold.
But not to worry though things are still in motion with these projects.

Currently on Corpse Cop Inhuman Torch is being edited by Paula Akin.  Paula had been asked to come on board for a second outing for CC. There are about three more information bundles that she has to get through but by then CC will be ready for press.

RICHARD PARKER is undergoing some serious changes to story not so much the art. R.P. is looking at refocusing on the MAN not the advent of what he has been thrust into.
As a sign to me, the newest Hobbit movie staring Martin Freeman has one major issue with me the movie is called the Hobbit-  shouldn't the movie focus on that main character? Not Thoran Oakensheild or the ever growing evil threat of Sauron upon Middle Earth but the main character that the movie is named after Billbo Baggins?
This was one of the main issues I was confronted with Richard Parker.  There was to much of a jump between the reality of Richard Parker and the fantasy that I was throwing him into.

Focus on the character.

I am currently happy with the look and feel of this and ultimately this will lead into the grand illustrated epic Dreams of Elysium. So this will be a big deal.  This also means a lot of planning and capital to put for the best story I can and the cost of the scratchboard is not cheap.

I can only if art is to support art then the commission's and the gallery work would me move along until that niche is found to be self supporting.

As it turns surfing the wave of moving a piece of art will be going into a smallish gallery featuring artwork on the local Northwest Legends of Sasquatch.  The Gentle Giant will be a part of this show.

And that is it for the kid.

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