Thursday, October 2, 2014


Well the Show has come and gone and now it's time to take a look at what I learned from the experience and what could be done to make it better.
BUT FIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE to thank my friend Jason Z. Pott of NEƶ Trash Comix for having me table with him and allowing me to show and sell some my work there. No conflicts and always great banter and humor and laughter.
Thanks again dude, you rock.
In all the show was and seemed bigger to me in its scale and scope. But the cool part was it didn't seemed cramped to me.  Even with the large groups of cos players walking around and many photo ops there never seemed to be an issue with the flow of traffic cursing and perusing the table for that golden nugget of something cool.
The air conditioning.  Now this may seem like a no brained but times past the heating/cooling has been up and down at the Convention Center but no so this time.  Of course it was kinda funny to watch some of the cos players sweating in their costumes saying "Man, its hot in here. I wish they would turn on the air conditioning."
Maybe if you weren't walking around all day in a 40 pound costume of latex rubber and fake fur you might find it comfortable.
THE PA System was in great working order and not over the top like some other events I've been to. The announcements were clear and concise. Which was needed for a big event like this.
The guests were great.  And by that I mean that comic book guests.  I got to meet some of the guys who worked Sabertooth Swordsman. Very cool bunch. 
Y'know there's really nothing I can say bad about this show like I have in the past.  No drama, no hassle, no problem.
Sales were not the greatest this year but that is okay but then I didn't have a table for myself either so it it's still a win win situation for me.

FURTHER ADVENTURES Along with the Dreams of Elysium.

It has been a while since I have busted out the black sketchbook to work on any of the pages. But it felt right to do so yesterday and after a small conversation with my friend Jason when we talking about Corpse Cop he said something that stuck with me about the work I had done on the scratchboard 16 page story. To paraphrase he said that I had sweated over that book and should get everything out of it that I put into it.
And following my passion and the aforementioned scratchboard I want to get this book done and had started thinking about how to render the broken/fragility of dealing with something that is outside of your control. In that regard I think about my dealing with the Clackamas Town center Shooting being there witnessing the mass fear that overtook so many people and having to make tough choices.
It might be time to exercise some of those personal feelings about that.

As I had already said I was going to go to a friends art show I have to forgo doing a show with my friends this Thursday. Oh well I can do it again down the road.  October.  It's season of change.  And this month is no different.
  I this case I have been tasked to create a new image ever day for the next month and post it. To me that sounded way to easy but how could I not take it?
  SO here is the first one and a second should be on it's way.
Not much has been mentioned about this other than a few people who have inquired about the possibility of work - no money has changed hands. "Money talks, Bullshit walks." is that old attage though crass as it is it is also true.  I know a lot of other artist who have been in the business don't work on speculation.  There's no money (seriously) in it.  Anybody who tells you that has swamp land to sell to you in Arizona.
Now I am getting closer to finishing the piece for NWIPA for the Halloween Poster design and I touched base with my friend Aron former front man of the Fallmen. It was some issues dealing with the choices of names for his new music project but he assured me that he wants me involved with the project. No worries on my end.

But now everything is on for cranking out work so this blog has to come to an end this evening – for now.

Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

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