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Funny as that may sound for some nothing is more true or accurate than that when it comes to producing original artwork. 
How did I come to this grand realization? 
Over that last few months as I have been going over and talking about making postcards and prints for sale on Etsy and Big Cartel.  I started cranking out a bunch of 5"x7" scratchboards like I always had in the past thinking that no problem man.  I'll crank these little bastard out fast and I'll be rolling in it!
Well as it turns out I was rolling in it - a lot of scratching poo! 

In the comparison "Graveyard" I noticed something that really bothered me-  where was the detail that makes my scratchboard rock?


This is a problem for me as a part of what makes my scratchboard illustration stand out from other scratchboard illustrators is the variations in tone (grays) AND the sharp details for a price.  The 5"x7" weren't allowing me to do that.  And the amount of time being placed highly detailed 5"x7" just isn't worth it these days. At least not to me these days.
So in observation before final product goes out Make the Original BIGGER!
For me this means 9"x12" scratchboards from pretty here on out.

Keep your fingers crossed for new stuff out on Etsy and Big Cartel.


Still moving forward pretty good with all the stuff that has been going on.
But building a masterpiece takes time.  And story moves finally from the drawing plans and marker comps of action of fighting beasts on the beach to a softer more "romantic" scene.  Of course this the love scene I need to place in the book to show the ever growing affection and passion between characters.   Not an easy task but it will get done And I am sure someone will have an issue with it because it will depict nudity and sex.  That's part of the game plan anyway.

 that are needing to be made are Corpse Cop. "Inhuman Torch" is still needing to be edited.  Though the artwork is completed it is taking the time to get around to work on it. Life as I have said before has a way of throwing curve balls that you would never have seen coming.


Of course there are shows coming up and this is no different. I have one gallery show for the BIG 500. Again this is a show that I have been part of for the last four/ five years. I has been pretty cool being part of this show as it has given me the chance to really learn to value the work and price it though I believe that I think now by being part of the show I am de-vauling the work a little bit but public has never been quick to embrace what the artist wants to sell work for.
But on the other hand I have been asked back subsequently every year to participate in the shows and have always really been up to the task to show what I can do this time around.

Again 10 pieces will be entered this year and they will all be pretty cool when I am done BUT with on exception I hope to make prints of these images and postcards as well.
At least that's the idea I am thinking.


Now one major commission is done for NWIPA for their Halloween Tap Takeover by Evil Twin Brewery.
This is a big baby too.  2'x3'.  I love it!  I don't think any of my artwork is close to being this size.
 Another is in the wings for a 5”x7” of Spider-man for a Christmas Present. As I have said already I am trying to get away from working on these small pieces and work on larger -like the Richard Parker pieces @ a 9”x12” size. We will see how that works out.

Well I got to get back to it. I've been busy for the last several Sundays but work has been and is being produced at a high rate.

Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

I had received an email from the Crypticon Show people now after several months actually letting the dust and distaste evopreate from my mouth actually doing the right thing by offering a table free of charge for next years show.
  To me this is a great chance to make it a better show than this last year and potentially kick total ass on sales with a huge amount of new product.  Things are working out now.  We (meaning my table bud George Leon of Custom Comics Shop) will have a table #27.
Check out the floor layout.

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And the kid is out of here!

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