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Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

Well The "SCRATCH AND BURN" art show comes down this week and I'll be picking up whats left of the artwork.  From what I can tell there are a lot of original pieces still up with no sale tag on them but that's okay because what I have heard recently through the grapevine is that some of the prints have sold!
That's great news for me as this months focus begin towards group show "ICON" and the 3rd Rose City Comic Book Show.

Now with the ICON Art show only a few weeks away as well as the the idea of art and the postcard comes together. Nothing else quiet like it. I feel that I have more or less stumbled into a small arena where a small image can be big.
What I mean by that is that a small image can have a big impact on a person. When I look at the new images that are coming out from this group of pictures I am sure that there is something there that is worth watching let along pay for.
I am currently onto the second card image currently and hope to have it done fairly soon. The card set I would like to have done before Halloween roles around but I know that my work can sometimes be tedious and a trial for moi.
Always plan for more. You can never tell whats gonna move and sell.

And that's why I am working on POSTCARDS right now.
 I had been wanting to work on a Richard Parker show for a while since "Deep Sea Calamari" was bought and traded like a stock on the NY Stoke Exchange back for the O.M.S. back in October of last year.  But the idea of working on a Old School Deep Sea Diver kinda got me and then I started to really work around the idea of this guy and then I got a name from a movie that I liked and everything began to really take place.
I never expected to see Richard Parker really take off as a series of work but what do I know, I'm just the artist.
And of course I thought that I could have a show based around this icon figure but a friend of mine this evening suggested that I get a hold of a few maritime places along the coast.
 Man, I had never even thought about that before but what a great idea regardless.

NOW comes the push for commissions and cards.  Halloween is coming fast and I have a number of images that I have to have ready for the BIG 500 art show coming up later this year.

ROSE CITY COMIC SHOW takes place this next weekend.  I am hoping that I might be able to turn a little of coin to alleviate some of issues. At least that is my hope.
If anything I'll take a break from the regular grind of selling art materials and sell artwork in it's place.

Truth be told I'm having a wonderful time working on these images for post cards and prints.  And if anything else I'll have artwork ready to show for next year's NWIPA art show in September. Plus the original poster design that I am making them for this Halloween Tap Take Over from Evil Twin Brewing.
It should be a fun show.
As the month of SEPTEMBER beings it's march to the end my co workers hit upon the idea of a Last Thursday Art Vending show in North East Alberta on the 25th. To me this would be another way of getting my work out to the public And into that area of town. Since I already have postcards and prints done I might as well take advantage of the show and the work.
Not much has been mentioned about this other than a few people who have inquired about the possibility of work - no money has changed hands. "Money talks, Bullshit walks." is that old adage though crass as it is it is also true.  I know a lot of other artist who have been in the business don't work on speculation.  There's no money (seriously) in it.  Anybody who tells you that has swamp land to sell to you in Arizona.
BUT the fine people of NWIPA have asked me again to make another poster design for them for Halloween. Now really I jumped at the chance to do this because I LOVE HALLOWEEN.
Personally I think that it should be a recognized holiday like any other but I know that is not being realistic as much as I would jump for joy.  On top of that, Dan had asked me to incorporate a little H.P. Lovecraft into the work.  For that was awesome since I have been reading up on that author recently. Fun and creepy stuff.  Now I know there is so many people that are attracted to the work like King, Wrightson and Mingola. 
And with the high praises of the work at the bar of NWIPA saying that work that I have been doing reminds him, Matt, of Wrightson I am blessed.
If you are not knowing who Bernie Wrightson is then please do yourself a favor and look at his artwork here .  I can say that I have  met the man a few times in my life and he is one nicest and genuine illustrative master I have ever met - with the exception of Micheal W. Kaluta.  Here is an example of his fine work and here for his website.

I can only hope that one day (hopefully soon that I could gain the recognition that these two artists have.  I think that I am getting there.

Now it has been a while since any of my comic book work has been mentioned or anything else for that matter so I thought that I should add a few images that this character is still going strong - though I am currently thinking about how to bring him into the comic Universe that I have created.  
The easiest way I can do that is using Corrax the Seeker (NEWER VERSION) and launch a new WEIRD ATOMIC TALES book including those characters.  Here is some of the images that I have been working on.

 Comics are never far from my mind so I try to keep myself busy by envisioning a new work.  Corpse Cop again is another example of a book and character that I would love to see out there.  Rose City was supposed to the unveiling of two Corpse Cop books but life got in the way of that but they are still out there.
Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

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