Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THE BIG 400- 'nuff said!

Well Sports fans, Al here with the latest from the Box.
THE BIG 400 has started and that has had most of my attendtion even though I have techincally been done with the pieces of work for a couple months now.  And yes I have shown them on screen through the wonderment of the internet, nothing is like holding a Bennett Original!
Ask anyone.
Selling artwork is a hard deal but if you enjoy the creative aspect then you shouldn't have any issues at all with putting it out there.
Now I know that cranking out artwork can be a pain in the ass and selling it is even more so of a pain but in a group show that showcases 400 artists that have a set size and benifits the Oregon Food Bank it's all worth while.
Besides that you got to make these one off's the best you can.
I know for a fact that last night three of my pieces sold!  Sweet deal but it was the ones that sold that surprised me.  "The Last Astronaut", "Helmet Squid" and "The Hellhound".
But this is not the only thing that surprised me.   After talking to so many of my cohorts. Sales and other people always have different tastes than what you think is going to sell.
So that's basically the short of it for the gallery work and the end of the year.

COMMISSIONS:"The Gentle Giant" has been dropped off and one last commission to do and I'll be done!   And on top of that as I near the last one for this year I got approched by Jackson. One of the owners of N.W.I.P.A. for a poster for a celibration in March for Triple I.P.A.'s
For me that is good news since I haven't been looking for new commission work.


Well Arctic Wolf has been sent off to the printer and I am expecting the copy to be arriving by no later than Christmas Eve.  Now that's a present!
There has been a lot of talk about Corpse Cop but little in the of actual work being printed.  That's true because like I have said before money is tight and with a little being made on the side from the sales of gallery work is making it possible for me to get the books printed.
But there is one vast difference between the books previously put out by Black Box Comic is the fact that digital downloads are now available.   Here is the link to check out the NEWEST addtion to Black Box Comix!  CORPSE COP ARCTIC WOLF!                                                                                   ALSO as an added bonus the first copy of Coprsecile has been reviewed by the tie -ins with the Velvet Coffin production.  And the most current copy of Arctic Wolf was sent out Monday morning.  So two of the books should be reviewed in one sitting.

"Hop Thru the Heart"

"Down With the Weirdness"
2013 Copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
"Gentle Giant"
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
To this I am looking forward to because for all I  know is Holly is not a comic book collector but has interst in the work because of my aassociation with The Velvet Coffin crew.

I have been in touch with the gentleman who worked on the N.W.I.P.A hops zombie shirts and found that I know Matt from working on artwork at the Sling as he worked as bar back but now he has gone into busy for himself.    Matthew Mirpourian | Pen & Screen Printing Co. | 971.200.5002 | www.penandscreen.com 
He's a pretty cool dude and easy to deal with.
Small town but it sounds as if I coukd have some different shirts ready to go by the time the Crypticon rolls around.
The Gentle Giant is one the other two are Down With the Weirdness (for lack of a better name ) and Hop thru the Heart.  One of the other things I wanted to bring up is one of the new devices I have aquirred for BBVA.  A PHABLET.  I know a hilarious name but it fits. A multi tasking device for calls, emails, sales in tandem with my Square App.   And also a drawing table for quick ideas for future issuse of Corpse Cop and Future Cop.  Very very cool.

A recent development has just occured here in the City of Portland.   Namely the Stumptown Comic Fest is no more.  According to the news coming oit from the local news magazine here called the Portland Mercury, organizers of the show have merged in with the Rose City Comicon.
This is a big deal since the idea of a independent comic venue is no longer availible what is sense in putting books together?
Cause there fun to do, thats why.
The policial comic book landscape of the Northwest came under attack last year as promotors of Wizard World swinging through and wanted to wipe out all competion with ECCC.
WELL there has been a huge blow back because of that and Rose City Comic Show only in it's second year now merged with the promotors of ECCC have absorbed Stumptown like a hungry amoeba. But in the process of being brought in the idea of independent seems lost now.  Being stuck in artist alley again and further away from where once you were front row has been stuck out in the boonies.   Stumptown had been plauged with problems for years and showed no sign of ever really getting it together.  But us little guys may pay the ultimate price for that.  
We'll see how things go.
Read the article and judge for yourself.

In my working with the production of the Velvet Coffin and writting the scripts and the like there has been a serious blow to the production crew with the loss of our friend Julie Koppy.  It is unfortunte that I only got to know her through my friend Randi and her husband Jason but what I did get from her was dedication to working with other people and comeing up with a few ideas along the way.
She will be missed.

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And that is it for the kid and I am out of here.

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