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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" is now completed and ready to be sent off to the printers back in Florida at Ka-Blam.
Again like I said in my last entry I would love to have it printed here in Portland but the cost is over the top.  Once again the monkey of money changes everything. 
And being a independent I have to throw what money I have at the things that will show the biggest return.
Mostly the gallery shows have been showing me that.  But the sales of Corpse Cop in the past have showed me that I can do well with comics that people want to buy and I still retain the creative freedom over the character.  And that is HUGE with a capital "H".
AND AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH... Corpse Cop continues onward in "Inhuman Torch".
Corpse Cop "Inhuman Torch" pg.10
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

   This epic story starts off simply like any Corpse Cop story but with a twist set in the jungles of South America.
Corpse Cop "Inhuman Torch" pg.11
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
The title should say it all. AND it is nearly twice as long as the pervious Corpse Cop story, "Arctic Wolf".  
If you take a look at the two instagram photos I have posted here of both pages 10 and 11 I think that this book may outshine the scratchboard copy of "Corpsecile" and equal it in  sales or even overshadow the previous books. Of course I take some serious pride in making these guys because each so much better than current copy out there.

But there is still more Corpse Cop to come. 
"VIRUS TECHNOLIS"  is next story where bone meets metal. 
This doesn't limit Corpse Cop to crossing over into other universes.
And this all begins with the introduction of the the newest character to come out of Black Box Comix- FUTURE COP!  
In this  second massive addition of Werid Atomic Tales this story will focus upon the Future Vega Universe and involve a lot parallel universe jumping.  You could say that this story would cover everything that the Condo of Concepts has ever come up with in one form or another.  You can blame me for watching Fringe and reading a lot of Micheal Moorecock's "The Eternal Champion" series.  I've been reading them since I was 16-17 and there is so much out there I have yet to read!
Eventually there will be and ever shall be an anthology of some kind of Corpse Cop and Weird Atomic Tales is the place for that to happen.  
  As things move forward like the sun through sky the creative process pushes me forth and sometimes that means physical pain to show for it.   My hands and lower back ache as try to make these projects happen.
Corpse Cop -Time Bike
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
With that being said a  new story of Corpsey is coming together on the form of "VIRUS TECHNOLIS".
This will give one of  the reasons why Corpse Cop shows up at all these "events". 
And with Doktor Plutarious involved nothing good can ever come out of it.
To me, there is almost nothing more despicable than technology- even though I have to use it all the time.
As everyone does.
   But the I have to get use to it in this day and age in order to get my point across.
   BUT THAT'S JUST my option on it.  Of course with the loss of the computer over the last month tells me how much I depend on it. 
BESIDES THAT... Corpsey is dealing with an old friend of his- Doktor Plutarious!  If you had picked up the Crossover of Weird Atomic Tales (and really there is no reason why you shouldn't ) there s a tie between the two of them.
Another story is being developed for CC right now amiss all the busy work for the O.M.S. and the BIG 400.  
But if you wanta play catch up check out this link for the one CC's first adventures at
I know this sounds flogging a dead horse but I have a cop of the undead here to deal with that!
As some characters are recycled and others are created from the ashes of old "The Mother of All Crossovers" with the creation and introduction of Future Cop. 
This is epic story where time travel is forbidden by the HUB and takes place easily over hundred years since the time of Vega.
Future Cop cover prototype
2013 Copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
And of course Corpse Cop is involved because he has to deal with reprecussions of a time line being changed and altered.  This might even change the origin of what we know as Corpse Cop!


Love of Comics.  In all of the art that has been produced this year for gallery shows and the commissions there is still the need to let the little kid play and read comics.  That's me.  I love them.  They were around to help me take care with dealing with the problems and ills of being a teen.   Though I will say that there hasn't been many titles of late  that I have  really got into since almost everyone that I have seen on the comic stand, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!
I guess in that sense might be the reason I have been working hard to make the comics that I have been creating look much different than that of the typical Marvel or DC comic. The scratchboard Corpse Cop or the Maker Corpse Cop books as well.  
I'll see if I can make the Future Cop books look different than what I have done traditionally with pen and ink.  The look will be very stark in contrast with Corpse Cop addition to the copy of Weird Atomic tales.  I just want the book to stand out.  And it goes back to an idea that I had a while back when I was doing the Vega  books too at the time.  We'll see.

"The Gentle Giant"commission for Rose H. of the Slingshot Lounge is now finally done and ready to be handed off to her as a present for her daughter Lola.
The Re-Scrubs third and final thumbnail has been sent off to Shaun to see which one they want to go with.  But it has been sounding like the second thumbnail I sent off might be the one to modify.  
Well as it has come no surprise that when a commission is actually agreed upon nothing gets done for free unless you have the carrot out there.
That metaphorical carrot is called cash.
Sean (proper spelling for him) had finally dropped cash on the cover for his his band cover so now I have to do it and it will awesome!

I should mention that I do commissions. It usually depends size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  I.E. Gilrandree Commission 11"x14" varnished, one subject, no frame- $175.00  Usually half down and half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
If you are curious about it please email me at

Actual film work being done for webcast show called the Velvet Coffin.  Initally I had been brought into the production as story board artist but as continued my association with production I began to wear many different hats.- as story boardist, screenwriter, producer,  props, assassiant director, assassiant camra man and a zombie extra, second unit camera man, assistant director, producer guy.
More of this info can be found at

If your wanting to look at some of the older blog for Black Box Comix you can check them out here. Black Box Comix Blog.
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And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.
And the kid is out of here! 

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