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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

And really nothing in the world says (as if you didn’t know it) like giving comics and receiving them!  And for the kid getting them in the mail long before the promise date is AWESOME!
 And here this sunday I thought that I wasn’t gonna have anything to write about before Christmas rolled around.  
Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" is now HERE!  Now true I only ordered one copy to see how my book had turned out in press and it is now here as well as being up for sale at Indy com for both physical print  and digital download. 
This makes me happy as I have another book done and ready to be added to the books that I have up on my walls over my work desk to serve as milestones for Black Box Comix.

Work on “Inhuman Torch” is still going on right now with page 15 out 20 being rendered before scan and lettering to be handed off to my friend Paula for editorial consult.
This doesn't limit Corpse Cop to crossing over into other universes .

I know sic fi isn’t high on people’s list unless somehow it has a tie in with a film or tv show.  Drives me crazy that there is so much out there people to see and and actual sci-fi comic just seems to get lost in the mix.  Over the years I know that how and what happened with Johnny Vega and Corrax the Seeker.  Of course in talking and getting talked about by my compatriots about the work being a one man work station has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages.  What job doesn’t?
But I have talked about the creative process and how it can be the addiction for the creator and I have fallen under that little thing.  But for the most part that is keeping me out of trouble.  Though I don’t really go out looking for trouble most of the time.  But Jack Quassar has been tapped to really start this book off but there is several other characters that are going to be brought up in the story.  
I can’t really go farther into this but I can tell you that one the biggest tenants of sci-fi is time travel and this plays a huge part of the story.
I don’t feel that I need to re-introduce characters into this story as they have already seen print from the last ten years plus.


   BUT THAT'S JUST my option on it.  Of course with the loss of the computer over the last month tells me how much I depend on it.  
BESIDES THAT... Corpsey is dealing with an old friend of his- Doktor Plutarious!  If you had picked up the Crossover of Weird Atomic Tales (and really there is no reason why you shouldn't ) there s a tie between the two of them.

I think that this will set up a idea why CC shows up in place and any setting.
But if you wanta play catch up check out this link for the one CC's first adventures at

AND for issue 2 of Corpse Cop but the book is listed at “#1” on the sight.  
But I hope to have this fixed soon.

Funny enough as I found so far as I work on one commission and as it begins to wind down with one it seems that another is there to take it’s place.  For me as the artist that is awesome.  Now if I could continue with this that would be fantastic.  So N.W.I.P.A has commissioned me for a poster along about the same time that I have a show there.  Even better.  And if I can get some of the t-shirts that I have contracted my friend Matt for along with the other merch it could be a very lucrative.  
We’ll see...
I should mention that I do commissions. It usually depends size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  I.E. Gilrandree Commission 11"x14" varnished, one subject, no frame- $175.00  Usually half down and half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
If you are curious about it please email me at

"Uncle Simian"

WELL the BIG 400 is still going on strong for the last week but I have no idea if there any new sales yet but I don’t want to become a gallery stalker waiting for the next sale.  
HOWEVER ... “Uncle Simian Comes Home.”  from the “I think, therefore I am” show.  Personally I am glad that this is back here at the house because I feel that I can actually ask for the right price other than the one that was originally placed upon this and financially cut my throat. 
So come February he going up with the right price.

Actual film work being done for webcast show called the Velvet Coffin.  initially I had been brought into the production as story board artist but as continued my association with production I began to wear many different hats.- as story broardist, screenwriter, producer,  props, assistant director, assistant camera man and a zombie extra, second unit camera man, assistant director, producer guy.
More of this info can be found at
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And the kid is out of here.

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