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So Begins the Last Month

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
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In werid twist of fate what was supposedly be an early and easy drop off for art work became something much more.
I faced the artistic nightmare that every painted artist has had to deal with messed up varnish.
Now to say that art work was messed up was an understatement but it still could be presented but not the clean and polished work like I had hoped for.  The barrier paper called Glassien is supposed to a acid free paper that nothing is stick to.  Well that would have been true if the varnish had curred correctly.   
Of course I can fix this issue but it does bring up the question of doing finishes for work in the future.  I don't have a workable studio so like so many others and I have to work on my artwork at my regular 9 to 5 job.  That means really no break of anykind.  So I had to think quickly about what to do.  And I did last year.  Spray inside my work area and place the artwork in a room that many people never go or have access to.
That is my only option left to me.   But past events have proven that to me that this will work though not ideal.


Corrax the Seeker covers 1 though 5
As the end of the year begins to raise it's head the end of one story arc also being seen.  Currently page 5 of Cosmic Confrontation -The Conclusion! is being drawn up right now on the light table.  I don't think that it will take long before all the transfers are completely done.  But this also takes away from me the idea that issue  2 will be colored like I hoped.  But this also means that Jason will have much more to edit when he over all story arc from beginning to end.  
Of course this opens a topic that I feel really strong about.
With other editors that I have dealt with before in the past, I have tried to explain a story and character's(s) motivation and what will happen but because this is all outside of their prevue (without the use of a hard copy in hand) there are the questions. The constant questions and then the ever infamous offering of suggestions that are made for the work because they couldn't see the end result or appreciate the scope of the story.  I don't really blame them though.  When you sit back and have to read through bad scripts and poorly conceived story boards  (and have several of them at the same time) you just want to not worry about the one book that is easy to deal with.
I know what that is like when dealing with submissions.   I am just hoping that I run into that happy little issue down the road.
ITS ALSO one of the things I had issues with from other comic book creators and illustrators. Them offering their two cents worth making me and others doubt their abilities in the work that was being produced and shown. And of course all these suggestions were just offered out of hand.  When you show  a piece of work to somebody, especially a colleague and friend, you're showing a part of your self to the world.  The responce is like a lot of comic book collectors, slightly arrogant and above reproach.  They all would just offer up ideas that you should pursue without realizing the amount of damage that can be done just by opening their mouths. I would hope that wisdom would roll down from on high so when these brothers in arms when asked for their opinion they realize the damage they can do.
But I don't really see this happening anytime soon.  Just toughen up that thin skin kid, you'll do just fine.
SORRY I will get off my soap box but there are times when people who are better off technically and financially than some of the rest of is less fortunate who just don't think before their open their lips.  I know a lot of people like that.  I know that they didn't mean any harm and thought they were helping but don't offer those ideals unless you were asked.
AND IF YOU were wondering why I brought this up it's because of a few things that have happened recently. 
CTS is going to look cool when completed but now comes the question, do I wait to get the second series out for "A.I. Wars" to be complied into what I call a "Microbus" collection.  Or continue trying to do a ongoing series?  The microbus (as opposed to an omnibus) would be the best collection of all of Corrax's appearances of old from my Guild days living in Eugene and throughout the Pandora's Garage books and all of the Johnny Vega books.
Perhaps only the colored collection would work.  Some people have this strange aversion to black and white which still I don't get even to this day.
Maybe it might be because when I started picking up comics it was always better to really start off with as much bang for your buck- literally.  It wasn't till I picked up the original Swamp Thing that I really got into it.  Of course that was colored.
My feeling is that three of the new CTS stories possibly four.  Plus colored original pages from Corrax's first appearance.  This would show the evolution of the artistic style as well as the character evolution of Corrax.  I think that would be really interesting.  The Corrax of today looks a bit different than he did back then.
By this posting I should be finished with the transfers for issue #4.   That is a big issue for me.  It clears the path for Dreams of Elysium.  But of course there are wild cards being thrown onto the mix.   That card is War Ram.
Jason Z.  Decided with my blessing to bring the Unstopible Engine of Destruction another story. 
When a few things didn't quite work out with Corpse Cop Jason had a story follow up.   As small as the page count is the story is immense!  
Should be fun to work on.

Now after a few months of sitting around working on art work for the CTS comics other things have been a little slow for commissions till now.   In the last week an old I belive mentioned that I had been commissioned for a scratchboard piece of Egyptian Goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet for a friend of mine (and old roommate).   This will be cool for me since I haven't ever rendered these two siblings together for in the last 15 years.
This falls right into my strengths for all the anthromorphic characters I have done already in the past.  A price has still yet to be set but I could forsee it not being a  huge investment for her. AND in grand Christmas Holiday cheer I walked into a local bar for some beer and low and behold another commission.  Traditional illustration with color.  SWEET!  And here I was thinking I was going through a dry spell.  As my art mom Lynnie Peterson used to say to me "Feast or Famine"  in work and pay.   Good times.

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