Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Show of the Year


The year begins to wind down as the days of fall evaporate into the winter months and the last big show of the year started and before Christmas and the New Years.
The BIG 300 art show kicked off yesterday here in Portland Oregon and was looking like it was still going strong by the time that I had gotten there after a long busy day at the art supply store that I work at part time.
Of course, I may have imbibed a bit too much but it was fun to see all the work being presented there. It was good to see other friends of mine there and talk to them about things related and unrelated to artwork and the creation of it. There was one piece that I really liked but did not have the cash on hand to buy.  I might still try to pick it up today if the weather isn't to gnarly to ride in.  I usually like a sunday to be a day when I stay at home and relax (so to speak) and work on project(s) that I don't get the chance to to really work on except on the weekend.
But what make the end of this year pretty cool is the fact that I have another show still going on about 5 to 6 blocks away with the New Brow show.  Good times for the kid.
It's been a long drive to get these works up and running and I realize that the lofty goals that I have had earlier this year some will not make to paper before the end of the year.
But there is always next year and the Dreams of Elysium is on the boards and ready to be looked over again and drawn down then etched onto the scratchboard.
Perhaps i may be able to purchase a larger scanner than I have currently.  It's a pain in my behind when I have to scan a work three sometimes four times before I am done with a page and I know that I am going to be doing that here this next year.
Maybe the Kickstarter program will help this kid out with that process and end my headache.


Well there are still outstanding pieces that I need to work on but there is that question about payment.  

Like a lot of serious artists who are trying to make it in this economy people don't get something for free.  Think of this as good will gesture.   You compensate me for a half of the cost of the said project and then I will make time in my schedule to work on it.  But nothing is for free.  I wish people would understand that.  I truely don't like coming across being mean but I think that (and I know you guys have read this before) but being taken advantage of by non artistic types pisses me off.  And I will leave it at that.

CTS #4 Cover- in progress.  2012 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
Well the computer coloring is coming along pretty well and the inking for the last two issues even more so with limited amount of time to work on them but all in all things are looking good.

After talking to my printer earlier this week I may be looking at getting some decent prints made of scratchboards for sale at Emerald City this next year and I think this is a great idea!   This would make the sale of art work begin to cover the cost of printing the books and cost of tables.  So this sounds like a win win situation.  

And that is it for the kid.  Work to be done.

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