Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Bit Stressed but okay

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:


This year has been a turbulent one towards the end and instead of embracing our friends and family and coming together in fellowship and brotherhood (sisters you are all included in this) this country is being torn apart from the inside by the most random and senseless amount of violence I have ever witnessed truthfully first hand.
Walking into what was supposed to be an end to my day of work I walk into the sound of gunfire and the mass panic of people running for their lives to get out of harms way.  I did the best I could to control a situation and lead with some authority my co- workers and calm down and lead people out a building.
Yes, I work at the Clackamas Town Center in Portland OR.
The feeling of lack of control is a humbling and a scary proposition for anyone and though "calm mode" was engaged, I was scared shitless.
But following hours I was angry and frustrated because it was so senseless- no reason what so ever.
Then the shootings in Connecticut re intensified that feeling and this time children who will never get the chance to open presents this Christmas.
"Angry Fist"  2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
I just wanta scream at the top of my lungs "STOP IT!"  But I know that the world will not quiver with the shaking of my voice.  Like Alfred says to Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight "Some men just want to watch the world burn."  So true.
Like any alcoholic who acts out at the people around them because they have a disease doesn't make it right.  I agree with a friend of mine that it seems very odd that we have a system where it's easy to get a gun but help for mental health is (ha) insane.
There is no reason, in my opinion, and it's great to have all of the experts point fingers to clues for the reasons why but it doesn't help that the fact is it happened and the unfortunate knowledge that it will happen again someplace again but I know I will do exactly what I did before- without question.  My heart goes out to those people seriously in Connecticut.  I wish I could do more than pray for you but it's the best I can do you all in your time of loss.
I just hope that we can all get it together and get through this.


CTS #4 page 9, panels 1-3
Work has been slowed but not stopped with all the craziness that has been sweeping the world but the work keeps focused.  And CTS is looking great even in the blocking phase of inks.  I am looking to have a the second issue of CTS#2 ready by the time ECCC comes around this year.  So there will be another book coming.  Yea!  That makes me happy!  

The end of the year also bring people out to by artwork for particular jobs as well and this year is no different the only thing that changes up is the client in some cases.  And this is not the usual commission for scratchboard but traditional illustration.  Cool.  That is fun as well but also challenging at the same time but you don't want to become complacent with your work or things begin to stagnate.  

With one week elapsed and seven of ten peices sold I think says something about the work don't you?  SWEET!  
One of my high points other having some beer after a long day at work sell art supplies was seeing a remnant of my pervious art piece from last years BIG 200 show.  This made me happy as this was a also a remnant of another show that I had did for Cosmic Monkey Comics during their free comic day about two years ago.  Brady Cornelius is his name and the experiments done to him do not make him happy at all.  Like Mojo Jojo he's  the angry chimp of the Johnny Vega universe.  His origin is at the same time as Suntop.  Methusla Kcon was a very busy and bad man.
I am still surprised by the fact that a Brain in the Jar didn't leave because I saw a lady walking out with this piece.  Strange but he is still there.  But he'll be around for a little while if not, I have other original pieces to sell at any other show this upcoming year.
2012 Copyright Micheal Wm. Kaluta
That work always does well for me.


I just came across a Michael William Kaluta  book that looked awesome with John Carter stuff in it!  Fantastic.  Al Williamson and Wally Wood are my favorites of the fifties and sixties but during the seventies and eighties there was a whole slew of artist to grab, Steranko was at the top of the list but just as hard to get ahold of.  Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor Smith and Michael Wm. Kaluta   I have had the fortune to meet both Wrightson and Kaluta at San Deigo and determined that Kaluta was just a big teddy bear that you just wanted to hug.  His style and aproach to his work hasn't changed all much just the subject matter and the volumes of it. Aboslutely Fantastic!  That kind professional constancy is what keeps me coming back for his work.  His detailed backgrounds are awesome and alive with mood. This is where he differers from say Geof Darrow who is fantastic at creating a multitude of chaos when Nixon goes through a glass car window but the mood is kinda missing.  
1975 copyright Marvel Comics
Not so with Kaluta's work.  I think the first time I saw his work was on the cover of Marvel's black and white magazine "Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction" back in the seventies for the story called "War Toy".  
It's one of the reasons that I like doing  robots in the Johnny Vega Universe.  I like that stuff.

SO I may be purchasing a present for my self soon.

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