Sunday, October 7, 2012

Submissions, Commissions and D.O.E.

,Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
"Witch of the Wood- ZO" 16"X20"  Scratchboard and
digital color 2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

As of this time I be about done with the digital coloring.  Atmospheric images with the computer like distant clouds and moon(s). 
But not much more than that. Otherwise I could overpower the image.
But being careful to balance both could be really cool.
Soon I should be sending it off the folkes at E.C.C.C..  Here is to keeping my fingers crossed. 
The original deadline for this was originally for Oct. 5th two days ago but according to Dan DePaolo that has been moved back three weeks.  I'm still gonna try to get it done by the original date however.

The image is completed and sent.  They have it and now it becomes a waiting game whether it will get in or not.  I am just really proud of the piece I have worked on.

There are two pieces of art that I have been asked to do.  One if for my friend Toby.  Toby you may remember from earlier this year had commissioned  me with a Scratchboard image of Godzilla.   After coming to my rescue two months before heading to E.C.C.C. this last year with a new computer set up he asked me to work on a design for him.
That was the 11"x14" Godzilla.
Now he has asked me to do a logo for him. The logo design is for GODZILLA AMMO WORKS OR G.A.W.
Biggest issue was getting the right katakana lettering for the abbreviation for the image.
This is just a solid graphic.  But I have done that kind of work before.
The other is a pencil sketch for
Lazy Bones Studios and their character Anne Frankenstein.  The commission is set for a scratchboard piece.  The only foreseeable issue was the sizing issue.  He was hoping that the commissioned piece would fall under the standard size of 11"x17" comic page format.  But I think that the piece I have will satisfy him and make the character look cool.
I mean really what could look cooler than a image of your character done in scratchboard?

Well the transfers to bristol have unfortunately fallen behind schedule - that is in my option.
With the sudden influx of private commissions on top of gallery work,  the comic work suffers.  Issue #2 is in the process of being lettered and handed off to Jason for editing.
That leaves the transfers for #3 and #4 to be done.  To put it in perspective; years ago when I was still working on Johnny Vega issues 1-4 my friend
Ben Kreger had remarked that the story was good but the one thing he had an issue with was lack of backgrounds amongst the talking heads.  Years before I had been talking to Paul Guinan (currently of Boiler Plate fame) about this topic.  As a penciler he felt that the reader needed to have a establishing shot at the top of each page or at least one image to ground the characters on those pages. 
So I understood where he and Ben were both coming from.  I have been working hard to ground these characters on CTS and backgrounds are nearly as hard to do as the characters themselves.
But they will be done. And I would hope to have them both done by the end of the year.
And all of this work will lead into next years big project- "Dreams of Elysium" graphic novel.  



Well I figured that should start stirring up the waters with mono epic. 
I do have some standard illustrations of a couple of characters but of course these are subject to change to- except for "the Masque" which I have already done. 
Hopefully with my fingers crossed that book will move me out of obscurity into the limelight as a serious illustrator.  
OF COURSE there are going to be changes in the work as dust this stuff off but I think that this will be good for the rest of the book as start thinking about the future and next year.  The feeling that I have is somewhat it was like when I started working on Corpse Cop "Corpsecile" 16 page comic.
I am looking forward to the work.  

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