Sunday, October 14, 2012

Commissions -R- Us and stuff

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:
"The Kirby Tree-2"  8"x8" Scratchboard
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

Work has begun for the last gallery show of the year, The BIG 300.  10 pieces of premiere scratchboard work, 10 chances to own an original for cost of $40 bucks.  Cash and carry.  Ya want it, you buy it.
No wish lists here folkes.  Again these works cover a strange assortment of subjects that have fascinated me for years from fantasy to sci fi.
Big surprise there but the subject matter has been up for debate recently.  Do I abandon topics that I have rendered and love doing for the sake of making my artwork look more mundane to appeal to a broader audience, therefore, the potential of making more money?
After talking to some other professional artists they said "balls to that!".  Well maybe they didn't say it quiet like that but their sentiment was the same.  Do what you love,  people will follow.
In a way that is already happening.  At the last two shows (Rose City and Jet City) had kinda showed me that with returning customers from earlier in year, my work is worth it.
So, no, I don't think I'll be changing my style of artwork anytime soon.  And then there the unknown show of Crypticon that has been talked about my friends George Leon and Dan DePaolo.
George's feeling was that our artwork would sell real well there.
As he did show  about a year ago and had a successful run there.
With the theme of monsters and horror the scratchboard work sounds like a shoe in - as they say.
I'm kinda liking this idea.

"Anne Frankenstein"  11"x14" Scratchboard
Copyright Lazy Bones Studios 2012
Art by Alan Bennett

In a surprising turn of events I had received an email Tuesday morning saying Lazy Bones Studios had deposited the full amount for the scrarchboard piece that we agreed upon. My rendition of their character Anne Frankenstein.  This was a bit of a shock but that personal validation issue I have talked about has again been brought to the surface with positive results.
I knew that one day just based upon the work itself would pay off.
But now I comes the time to put my talent the where the money is.
So I gotta buckle down now.

CTS #2 Cover
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

CTS #5-7 (?) "A.I. Wars" Thumbnail
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA
CTS #2 has been lettered and is about ready to be handed off to Jason Pott for Editorial input and changes.  Though no color has been added yet I think the book looks pretty cool so far.  The only thing that holds the book back currently is raw cash to get the book printed up. I'm not quite ready to dive into a Kickstarter account just yet because I haven't formated the kind of incentives I need to offer for those who would back the book.  Now what I am thinking is this a Kickstarter account for a collection of all four individual issues for "Cosmic Confrontation 1-4"  and possibly a sneak peek at the follow up Corrax "A.I. Wars".  This story is nearly at the end currently.  With a few surprises along the way.  
That book gives a little more background into the origin of Corrax and his motivation and what he is seeking after all.  But this after all is only a little bit in his long carreer as well as placing an origin on a old character that is older than Corrax himself and was involved with Johnny Vega.  We just can't get away from that guy.  Even though I have stepped away from working on his own books there is just to much in the warehouse of ideas and roughly completed stories with him and Corrax in them.  And some of the origins also go back to the days when I was still working with Eugene Comics Guild and the 7 issues of Guilded Edges.

So there you go from the kid as I ready myself for finishing the next commission for Godzilla Ammo Works.

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