Sunday, October 21, 2012

BBVA UPDATE for 10/21/12

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

It is half completed for the posting and ready for the BIG 300 later this year.  Doesn't seem like it was that long ago when I was just getting done with last years show a couple weeks ago.
But life seems to have really given me the chance to hock my wares to the people.   Of that I am incredibly blessed. 
With that gallery show closing in the potential show at the Sequential Art Gallery takes on a new high priority. 
With that I have about 3 large pieces of 16"x20" scratchboard to show plus 4 11"x14" accompanying  scratchboards as well.
This doesn't include any of the 5"x7"s left over or any 8"x8"pieces that might not be sold from the BIG 300.  So a lot of potential scratchboard sales to be made.
And of course there are the shows like the Crypticon that have yet to be tried out.

As of this note both commissions have been completed and clearing the path for the already mentioned BIG 300.

Hopefully the second editorial copy will have been printed and ready to be handed off to Jason for editing. 
Now the biggest stumbling block for any artist is and always be two things time and money.
Now I a pretty good handle on the time issue (not always but pretty good) but cash has always been my bane.
But having backers is always a good thing.   A friend of mine Lynnie P.  a woman I call "Art Mom"  has decided to help out with a small investment.  Enough to cover printing for the second issue of CTS #2 and help with the framing for the Scratchboard work I hope to have for the Sequential Art Gallery.
A major bonus for me.
So I might be able to meet the dead line I have set for myself. 

In looking over some of my earlier blogs it's not just reading them to make sure I don't trip over myself but the fact that I might actually see something that I hadn't seen before and just now realized if Corrax was around for the A.I. Wars as a child and with a large amount to remorse for not being able to help his kind from near decimation, why is he helping Raquel way back in the day in the pages of Guilded Edges #4?
I had to think "Did I just shoot myself in the foot?"
No, if anything comic book writers always think that they might have written themselves into a "no way out scenario".  But over the years these talented people could talk themselves out of a wet paper bag and come out completely dry and be handed a medal for it as well.
In the time that Corrax was taken by the "Floating Brain" Ix Triskelion and brain washed, Triskelion had realized that there would be subconscious urges and drives to lash out at the very group of individuals that nearly destroyed his homeworld.  There is a reason why Corrax keeps his distance from the Angry Robot initally and why he doesn't go after AX1-2501 in the crossover between Johnny Vega and Angry Robot because of his duty as a ranger.
When it is done I will have a complete historical layout for Corrax so my editor(s) will have a better idea what has happened before.
All in all a good day.

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