Friday, September 7, 2012

ROSE CITY COMICon this weekend

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 
As of this posting I will be hanging with my pals from NEOtrash Comix (namely Jason Z. Pott writer extraordinaire and Dan the master plan DePaolo) at the Rose City Comicon 2012.  

In all of the hard work and putting all the ducks in the row the cost to get in got brought up last night while I was hanging out with friend Dan.  The cost of the show for only one day is a whopping $12.50 and $20.00 for both Saturday and Sunday.  That along with others vendors think that's way too steep for a beginning show but they might be making up for lost revenue with the cost of the tablers there.
So please be warned.  But if you make there great an we'll see ya!

Now in the past there has been a number of planned shows in the past under the same name which also leads to lots of confusion with attendees and potential vendors.  But it looks like there is definitely some people who believe that Portland can support another show like this for the independent market here.
The hope I have (like the Jet City Comic Show ) is that the show stays with comics and their creators.  I have heard many grumblings from creators that a lot of shows particularly with The San Diego Comicon as an example have been taken over by other comic related media such as the latest video game or the revealing the latest comic movie adaptation.  I understand the need to cross pollination for a new show to expand your financial base to cover the cost of putting on a shows.   As a creator I really want these shows to succeed but when the show becomes a red carpet for the latest movie special effect juggernaut I want to have nothing to do with it.  But of course what I want ain't the reality.  We all want these shows for the comics again.  

ANOTHER HOWEVER,  and I know that some people may bitch about this here in Portland but "What about Stumptown Comics Fest or The Portland Comic Show?".
Well,  in my option (and exactly what this is, my option), the Portland Comic Show has become the garage sale of comics as vendors try desperately to unload vast volumes of non selling back stock that taking up room in their stores.  And the Stumptown Show seems to have developed a clic-ish mentality that if your work "looks too professional" (what ever that means) your not a independent publisher or creator.  Dude,  seriously last time I looked at my work I didn't see a DC, Marvel, Darkhorse or IDW logo on my books let alone the distribution in Previews.  So I'm not sure how that tracks with people.
Anyway enough about that soapbox.  'Nuff said.
CTS #2 is under way currently as page 8 is worked on.   Soon I am hoping to have the transfers for #3 before October rolls around.   If anything the first collection of all four issues of Corrax the Seeker will be gathered into one and ready for show at E.C.C.C next year.  

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