Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jet City Comic Show 2012

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: of this time the Jet City Comic Show of 2012 will have come and gone. 
Here is one personal (mine) review of the show.



 I had a great time hanging out with my friends from Neotrash Comix at the table and being part of that group contingent and with my buds from Darkslinger Comics as well.  Now what made this awesome for me was the people and general camaraderie that we're all geeks to one degree or another.  It was great to be Seattle again! Though Dan and I were held up getting to Jason's early in the morning by a freight train here in Portland and had some on again/ off again rain/mist/fog that we ran into on I-5.  But the rest of the day was great not to hot nor to cold.    We got up to show in fine time and earlier than we thought.  And of course we talked about the most important topic of our generation- what else?  COMICS (duh?).

In travel, we talked about the state of the industry, who was doing what in what company with what character, what major company characters we would love to work on if we had the chance, movie and tv addaptations, cult movies that we love but nobody else seems to care about ("f" those guys!).  All that kind of stuff that you might talk about sitting around a table playing DnD 3.5.   Sorry guys, I ain't making another conversion to 4.0 anytime soon.

Sales.  Now of course when your talking a break from you drawing table and have had to switch up to a portible drawing board with several markers.  With this in mind as an artist and creator you want to make some coin at a show at least enough to cover the cost of the table or the cost of gas. Well as it turned out I ended up being the heavy with this.  Corrax the Seeker sold two copies but without any other books to back him up I could understand the reluctance on people part even if it was a #1 issue.  HOWEVER, more art books got out there without even people flinching on the price but the big winner was ta dah!- the scratchboards!  Five of these little guys ran off the table and two going to a returning customer who had comissioned me to do a peice of work at ECCC early in the year of he and his wife as the Vision and Scarlet Witch. He talked about weird aliens and I think I could oblige him for that Emerald City next year. 
Of course with now six 5"x7" boards being sold off I will have to crank out about six more new ones to make sure I have a 25 ceiling for that kind of work.  Even the 11"x14" were getting the look and those guys go 5 times as much a little ones.  Woot! as old friend of mine would say.
"BLOOD RED DAWN"  11"X14" clayboard
2012 copyrighted by Alan Bennett and BBVA

Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf", pg 4
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

I have been looking and dusting off the files of the original thumbnails I had done over a year and a half ago of a story I entitled "Arctic Wolf".  It was a little shorter in length (12 pages) and it featured a one on one with one battle with one of the other kinda monsters I love to draw.  Look at the title and you'll know which critter I am talking about.
We'll see how long it takes me with this.  But this also makes me want to develop another story to be a companion to make it worth while for the reader and collector to pick up.
So keep watching here for more developments.


When the Rose City ComiCon came to an end two weeks ago I also had a small gallery show going on at the same time starting at the time of my birthday in August.
  Now it's nice to know when your artwork sells and you don't have to take it home with you, just cash.  Well unfortunately nether of my three pieces that I had up for the show  sold but I still have a inventory that I can pull from when I get my own solo show.
I have been feeling the pinch of not being a solo act with either the comic show or gallery show.   
Again it is good to be in the public eye on a regular basis and would be nice to be self sufficient.
"Witch of the Wood" 2012
copyrighted Alan Bennett and BBVA

HOWEVER with that being said I did have a chance at to talk to the gallery owner of the Sequential Art Gallery at the Rose City ComiCon about a future show there.  Kaebel Hashitani is his name and is also organizing next years Stumptown Comic Festival.  Now I have  nothing against organizers of past shows but I know he has a good reputation here in Portland and the arts scene.  This made me very  happy.  By the end of the year 2013 I will have put together enough group of images for a solo show.

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