Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rose City Comic Show - The Results

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 
The 1st Rose City Comicon has come and gone.  My personal opinion on it -IT WAS A SUCCESS! 
Much to the surprise of most vendors was the cost of our tables in Artist Alley- $75 bucks for two days -awesome.  That was about the same price when Stumptown first started 10 years ago or so.  This was great,  with a new show and new products that people hadn't seen before.  We were on a roll.  
BUT, HOWEVER, THERE WAS ONE THING that we as vendors forgot - the cost if the tickets to get in for the day.  $12.50 per adult kids under 12 got in free.  
We realized that cost was more expensive than we would have had to pay to get into one day at Emerald City ComiCon goes for.  At first we thought that we were just going to be twirling our thumbs but as doors opened @ 10 AM there were lots of people coming in.  Yea!  The show may not be a bust.
And within two hours or less we had first of couple of sales and then we were  off to the races!
The crossover of  Weird Atomic Tales which hadn't gotten much attention at E.C.C.C eariler this year or at  Stumptown took off as well as The Brass Knuckles Rituals.  CTS #1 had already gotten a few pre show sales and did ok for a opening show. But I think that nobody knows how well these books are going to do.  I'm  a monster creator, and he is the Man-Bird of the Future!
During down time I continued to keep working on the pages for CTS #2.   By this posting I should finished with the inks and the beginning of scanning and lettering.  By Halloween I should be completely done with the entire issue and getting ready to go too press.  CTS #3 should be transfered and start inking.  This makes for an exciting time for Corrax the Seeker with issue #4 being last part in the story arc of "Cosmic Confrontation -part 4 The conclusion."
With Emerald City ComiCon starting in (I think ) in late April issue #4 should be completely done. 

Because of the success of the scratchboard Corpsecile story and people I have had to re evaluate the viability of this character.  Of course the script of "Arctic Wolf" still is in the works.  There may yet be another story but I have yet to flesh these ideas out.
So there you go with the latest with that guy.

Well now, in less than a week (Saturday,September 22, 2012)
 from now I again with the boyz from NEOtrash will be heading out and up to the 3rd Jet City Comic Show. 
For more infomation about the showcheck out Jet City Comic  
The Jet City Show Floor Map 2012
Also check out our table on the floor (table AA04 and also from P-town, Darkslinger Comics at table AA12.)  PDX represents YO!
Now with a successful show from nearly two weeks ago I think we are doing pretty well.  And I do mean we.  Though I haven't been able to stand up in the Lime Light of front stage for about the last year and half or so I still am making an effort to get books out there and get stuff out there.  
I am keeping my fingers crossed that CTS will do well in Seattle.  
The shows in the past have always done pretty good for me with both original art work a few comissions while I was ther aand the books themselves.  I just wish I had the funds to get a few more Corpse Cop books out there and issue #2 for CTS - just to show that this wasn't a one hit wonder either.   
In a related topic,  I think that the time I spent there going to art school really pushed me in a direction to follow what I wanted to do- even if I didn't finish my associates degree.  In my opinion they weren't teaching me what I wanted to know.
Every once in a while I get a tinyest of itches to go back and pick up the latest computer skills that I am lacking like InDesign or Adobe Illustrator but that usaully sinks back into the depths like Cthulhu on a bad day.
Is that even possible?
 We'll see if I can break myself to learn the newest program to help make my books look professional. 
And this kid is outta here.

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