Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Latest ON CTS

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 
CTS#1 Page 2, Panel 1 - still a few revisions to do
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

So begins the task of getting comparative price quotes from a few different printers here in town and elsewhere in the states.  As CTS #1 enters it 's last part of the the creative phase of inking and starting of scanning and coloring, I have to start thinking about the whole package deal of CTS.
  There are no worries about writting the character or illustrating him either it's the final product that I have to relearn.  It seems to me that when a new book comes to completion the specs of printing suddenly changes.  In particular in the case of online sales.  A year ago I was only aware of one company that was offering digital downloads for comics but now online nearly everyone is doing it.  I know that I usually have my head down glued to the bristol creating universes and the like but damn I'm gonna have to spend an entire day setting up online shops to get the work out there.  It 's unfortunate that our society isn't about the collecting scarcity anymore it's about what I can rip from the internet.  
  Gotta change with the times.  So with that being said I hope to have CTS offered online in several e stores by the end of the year.  So look to Nook and Kindel as well as myEbook and comicsdrivethru.  I will probably be bending my friend Adam's ear at Darkslinger since he has his fingers locked into that much more than I.   This may also include a kickstarter account as well.  We'll see where this goes.
"PERCHED"  A ball point sketch
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

"YA WANT SOME?  Hi Res Scan of Corrax
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

BUT Before anything else goes down with issue #5 of CTS I have to readapt the original story idea to favor Corrax.  Unfortunately when your main character is focal point of the book you're working on ya kinda have to focus on them.  So the equal billing for the original crossover had to be retooled not only the focus on CTS taking but also redesigning what once was Ben Perkin's Heavy Horse to Herne the Hunter.
  Herne was inspired by Heavy but with a much different origin.
And who knows , Herne could take off too for all I know.


  I would like (if the world doesn't come to an end by then) to also have specs on a few galleries here in town for a solo show.  I think one of the things that has been hurting me financially is shear visibly of my art by itself.  The work has gathered a lot of looks over the year. In Seattle at E.C.C.C. the scratchboard was getting a lot of looks but compared to the digital color books it was being passed over.  Like the novelty of a black and white amongst color, very old school in the presentation. This is what I  noticed at the last couple of shows.  But if there wasn't anything else to pull your eye away from the work you might see something new.
  Something cool.
  Now with work on CTS taking place it won't be long before the origin of the War Ram is revealed.  And the thing is if and when Jason Z. completes his story it might be in the same vein as Corpse Cop- scratchboard style!  How cool would that be?
So there you have it.

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