Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Week of May

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 
CTS Part 2, Page 2 Panel 4 "The Crash"
2012 Copyright Alan Bennett & BBVA

Corrax the Seeker is moving into a coloring phase right as the finished inks are now completed.  It's a good thing to as I have begun penciling the next installment for CTS #2.  So what's this all mean?
Production my friends.
  Its unfortunate that I have to think like that but this is how you make any kind of living by putting out that popular character.  It was bit more than I could chew when I thought about doing Corpse Cop as project series in scratchboard.  Just a long prep time and editing. 
Pen and ink is a bit easier to do.
BUT there is one thing I haven't really talked about, it's Corrax's back ground.  
Guilded Edges #3
1999 copyright Alan Bennett

Pictured here for the first time in 12 years Corrax's first appearance from Guilded Edges #4 circa 1998.  Corrax was originally set as a galactic  information broker.  Selling and dealing with all assorted types around the galaxy.  
The Original Outer Limits Episode "Joy Ride"
Simon Oakland as the Empyrian 1963 copyright MGM

Based upon an Old Outer Limits episode called "Second Chance AKA Joy Ride" with actor Simon Oakland playing an Empyian who needed help to avoid a huge cosmic catastrophe on his home planet Empyira and Earth AND the simple fact that I was dealing with crows around Eugene at the time attacking me.
So knowing that and their link in world mythology, I decided to name him after the animal classification for ravens.  I thought that was a pretty slick maneuver.  To quote the Original Highlander movie character Nash/MacCloud "I'm from lots of different places."
So when Johnny Vega came about for Guilded Edges I needed a sidekick to be his foil.  Corrax fit the bill but with just a little twiking.  
Now look at him what was once a shadowy figure with questionable motives now to ranger and leader.
Cool I say.
But something that my friend George said to me "Bennett, you're a monster."  I thought about this coupled with something Adam said to me you seem more of comfortible drawing and illustrating aliens and monsters than people.  He's right and so was George.  It's easier for me to draw about the fantastic creatures emanating from my brain than drawing about the real monsters that I see everyday.  People.  There's a lot of good they can do but it always gets over shadowed periodically by the cruelty that we do to eachother.  I just manifest that stuff through my drawings.
But enough introspection.  On to work.
"HUNTING PARTY 2"  5"X7" scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

I am going to try to bring the Postit Adventures back and finish up what I started for Vega.  Anything that is mentioned in the postits is the basis for CTS.  Theres a rich history for me to mine for CTS.
And with that being said I am outta here. 

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