Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Latest from CTS

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

So on behaf of all kids and adult children out there thank you for putting up with all our craziness and silly things over the years.  In a lot of cases we know we are not perfect in our hearts but we love you just the same and the fact that you love us and make us feel like we are perfect in your eyes.  And though I know that that there is some cases where bad blood runs between some children and their parents still say thank you for the gift of life because without them I wouldn't know you as good friends that you are right now.  mothers - thank you ever so much!

"Seething..."  5"X 7" Scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA


War Ram the unstoppable engine of cosmic destruction is coming to a planet near you and it ain't gonna be pretty!  His first introduction was in print in the MONO crossover "Weird Atomic Tales" but his actual creation started over two years ago when the possibility of yet another crossover was in the works for Black Box Comix with Corrax. 
  This time I would be working with Ben Perkin's HEAVY HORSE.  Though that cross over didn't take the idea and story were not gonna get scrapped- I like the idea of a character that has really one purpose and one only destruction!  It appeals to the kid in me!
  It also appeals to my friend Jason Pott who is currently penning a script with this character in mind and your truly doing the art.  He will be making a appearance in Corrax the Seeker.  
  Be watching for more as time goes on.

Corrax The Seeker LOGO
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

What's not to love about this guy?  Other than he might have a phobia about scarecrows but I think after the first four issues he might say anything with tentacles.  And like a old Star Trek episode "Space Seed" -"I wonder what will grow from what you planted here."
CTS #1 Page 1
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and

    Hopefully something that people like and yet different enough from the typical fanfare that so many space heroes.   Even when I realized that Vega needed something more than just being human to push the reader to keep going with the fantasy but that began to feel like a patch to keep a struggling character going.
  So instead of fighting that loosing battle I went back to the artistic creative cabinet and began to write and draw about the sidekick.  As I had said previously  he had already predated Vega by a couple issues in Guilded Edges and seemed to have a following which to me seemed to be how Spock seemed to grow into a popular character of the series.  Personally I'm a Kirk fan but that's me.
  But the one thing that a screen writer friend of mine from Eugene told me - don't throw away anything you can always recycle ideas.  Taking that to heart that is what I am doing now with the old Vega stories and plots but told from Corrax's pov.
  It also gives me a springboard to use to explore some other previous ideas to breath life into.  Humor being one of the ideas as well as throwing some ideas into comics world concerning genetic mental  abilities.
And of course that old thing.... adventure and action!
  So as it stands CTS has a bit of life to it -fun.  
  I hope I can deliver the goods like the "One Man Juggernaut" I know I am. 

And I think that is about it for the kid.

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