Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Week

Hey there  sports fans!   Al here with the latest:

Here I thought that I wasn't going to be able to write anything or produce any kind of art work but I happen to prove myself wrong on this account.  Corvis Corrax is on the move and smashing up cosmic fiends left and right and taking names.  there is no two ways about this big bird!
"Cosmic Confrontation" Corrax: The Seeker
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
 Corvis is gonna fall what I call "Risky Sci-Fi".  A friend of mine asked what that meant.  To me, the term covers a variety of topics from sex, drugs, space rock n roll and all other types of social important stuff.  You know boring stuff.  Nah, that's just crap.  I plan on making this book fun but it is risky when you make the main character not human.  I don't think that you could have made Star Trek with Mister Spock as the lead or formed a show around Data for Next Gen.
  Roddenberry already tried with that in the 70's with the Questor Tapes.  And it didn't sell.  BUT with the way the world has been changing over the last couple of decades it might be time for a non human character to take the lead.
 So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Emerald City ComiCon 2012 in a couple days!  Woot!

The Trifecta of Books for E.C.C.C. this year.  Left to Right "Scratch Pad"
2012 Copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
"Ghost Assassin /Johnny Vega" Mini Crossover
2012 Copyright Adam Watson and Darkslinger Comics and Black Box Comix
"Weird Atomic Tales" Crossover
2012 Copyright Jason Z. Pott and NEOtrash Comix and Black Box Comix

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