Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mid Point

Hey there sports fans,  Al here with the latest: 

  The weeks begin to dwindle down towards the big show for E.C.C.C. this year.   

The Group-
2012 copyright Alan Bennett
The count down is standing at about two weeks now as things move to crunch time for any last minute projects to be done (banners, posters, prints and original art work). 

Paintings Progress 2012 copyright Alan Bennett

  This has been a major project for me as painting is not something I do on a regular basis.  So anyone who knows an artist that illustrates DOES NOT mean they can paint good.  Color can scare a illustrator real easy.  Mono chromatic images are usually are as far as a pen and ink guy wants to go.   But with the computer work I have done on the Johnny Vega, Man of the Future books  has helped a lot in this regard.  But as the banner nears completion the characters look good and the finish should earn a few nice complements from folks.

  What is meant by that is the office of Black Box is moving as well as some name changes to reflect the changing need of art.   In a world that is the constantly moving forward with acsess to new fast flowing media comics are waining in their sales.  THIS is particularly true of the show big companies like Marvel or DC.  With a character like Vega and him mirroring a lot of titles from them both the likelihood that he will ever be popular is further and further away.  This not to say that I will stop working on him but does say that the need for another space hero isn't as urgent as I had hoped.
  With the move in the works the name of Black Box is going to be change as well.   the new company name will be Black Box Visual Arts.  The reason for the name change is with all the recent sales of the scratchboard in the local gallery market and the commission work as well as wanting to be perceived as a serious illustrator not just someone who dables in art and just happens to work on comics the back company  gotta change with the times and artists who want to be successful have to adapt to the 21st century.
"MANIFESTING" 5"X7" scratchboard 2012 copyright Alan Bennett
   HOWEVER what this doesn't mean is that comics are going away.  Not by a long shot.  Other Vega books and Corpse Cop projects will still continue to be drawn up for the  shows.  So will the minis as well 'cause they're fun to do!

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