Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shear Craziness

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

The little iBook that did
 FIRSTLY I have to appoligize for the lack of the communication on my part.  There has been some serious hangs ups  from a technical POV.  My trusty little laptop that I have had for the last 7 years finally gave up the ghost when its harddrive decided to the crapout on me just as I was nearing the end of physical inking on the crossover with NEOtrash Comix.  Not great timing but a majority of the work had been already saved on a external harddrive.  So work wasn't completely lost.
  I do have to say that I have lost some data such as my email list to people to let them know what was going on with Black Box and the latest gallery work.  But I do have say for what I got out of my G4 ibook laptop was a total of 18 books (including the minis) 6 gallery shows.  So I have to show props for Brainiac.  Good job little guy!  But it won't be to long before I am able to get a new harddrive installed and try to pull info off the old one and have a portable drawing pad again.  
The New Set up
  So you may be asking yourself how am I being able to get the blog out?  Easy with a new  computer.
  It is fortunate that I have friends who are supportive of my efforts with the comics I have created over the last 12 years or so.
  Thank you Tobywan.
  So Black Box is up and running again.  Of course the website is the one major headache I do not want to deal with yet but maybe by the end of the year if the world doesn't implode on itself I might be able to get that working right.
  Galley work continues on with a price for the Portland Love Show 2012.  The art piece as always is another piece of wonderment entitled "Pygmalion Modern"  9"x12" Scratchboard.  Sale price $125.00 framed and under glass.

49 Pages of Smackdown Goodness! + Wrap around cover

copyright 2012 by
Jason Z. Pott and Alan Bennett

"Pygmalion Modern"
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett


It's UNfortunate that some tools have gone on the fritz resently namely my computer so I am Limited to using touch pad on my phone the write my blog.

  Work on 
"the Portland Love Show - in the clouds" is still in the formative stages.  A central image has yet to appear to me but this has never stopped me before by forcing an image to be done.
  Again this year I an looking to another scratchboard piece.  What it will be this I have no idea.  But I do know it'll be cool.. 
  This major EPIC of cooperation between independent publishers is rocking hard as last fifth of the book wIth blocking and inkling.  This is close to my personal deadline to have this project done. . 
  Am I hampered by the lack of a working computer?  A little.  I have depended on the computer to help out in many ways getting the work done.  But like so many times I have told people that you need to have a skeletal work and basic layout and inking is what I need to focus upon.  It was time to take my own advice on this.
  But I can assure you that this book will be done.

  A few change ups in our roster have taken place for our table.
It is with a sad heart that the awesome Ben Perkins will  not be attending this years show in Seattle.  Previous engagements with potential contracts have made him have to bow out this year.
To catch Ben's Latest Pieces check out his Deviant Art blog at or his website down below. 

HOWEVER the phenomenal artwork rendered by Portland's own DEVON DEVEROUIX will be attending 
  Devon is a very accomplished artist in his own right.  A painter and illustrator. 
  For more of his work check out these links for examples of his work.

NEOtrash Comix has been accepted into the STUMPTOWN COMIC FEST for 2012.  Nice to be invited back into our own neighborhood backyard.

Still in a holding pattern for the time being. 
Now one the things that had been put on hold for the last month or so is commissions.  Now the one thing is I still have a holdover from last year "Pencil Trick".  But when Toby brough up the new G5 tower to replace my hurting ibook laptop he also asked me for a commission dealing with the King or the Monsters, the one and only Godzilla.  So now I have two to deal with.  Though I've been itching to work on him for a while.
As of this time a new commission has been put forth by a friend of mine who has also brought a upgrade as far computers go to help further along my work as a artist, Toby Person (a.k.a. Lupo Negro).  Toby has been a great friend and supporter for me personally and a supporter of Black Box Comix and it's books.   


Where are we now with Johnny Vega.  On hold till I can access my external hard drive and rework the Postits.   

Nothing new yet. 

What a lot people I believe don't realize is "Tales from the Scratch Pad" are the new Black Box Comix Updates. 
Check here if you want to see those old blogs.  That is of you want to read up on old stuff.
And so there you go.  A lot of things going on at Scratch Pad.

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