Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Short of it

Here sports fans, Al here with the latest,
  It's been a dog's age as they say and I have been out of touch of sorts with all the work that has been pilled on me over the last month.  Lots of last minuet things such as the finishing touches on the CROSSOVER!   Thats right it is done and now just has be taken to a local printer to be printed up!
Weird Atomic Tales "Tale of Two
Jo(h)nnys" copyright 2012
Jason Z. Pott and Alan Bennett 

Yea!  This book has been literally a long time in coming but I think is awesome looking.  The more I look at it the more I like it.
  It also leads into other projects with Jason that may not be as huge a undertaking in the future.  It'll be fun!
  But I will be stepping back from the comics for a short time in creating.  I have to just for piece of mind.
  But I still am going to be working on a few projects here and there such as  commissions and gallery work.  There is serious changes that will be happening with this group of art projects and faith in the work to make it all happen.
"A.I. Wars" 5"x7" Scratchboard
copyright 2012 Alan Bennett

  The Postit Adventures will continue on but not for about three weeks as the the Emerald 
City ComiCon looms in the near future like within a month.
  This is the BIG SHOW that Corpse Cop "Corpsecile" sold out at  so with the booth I can only hope the same happens for the Crossover.
And that is it.

The Painting Transfer

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