Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Process

  Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 

For the current work being shown at the Goodfoot Lounge check here for details on your favorite artist and see if that special piece of work that you want is still available for your place.  

A selection of Art to be presented at the BIG 200
this year.  Art Copyrighted 2011 Alan Bennett

  Now one of the more unique parts about working on scratchboard other than fixing mars on the surface of the plate is "How do you present scratchboard?"
Since I started working with this medium almost exclusively (with the exceptions of the crossover and the quicky postit adventures ) this has been a issue.  
  With the invites to many shows around the city of Portland the good folkes at Po'Boy have issued out wood panels for the artist to work on.  This doesn't quite work for a pre made inked panels however.  So most artists have to become a handyman by default for presenting their work.  We can't all be divas. So here is the fix for dilemma: 

A 9 Step Process. 
1). First by cutting a flat square piece of wood that covers the piece of artwork and the Mounting board.
2). Taking the wood glue and applying it with a squeegee or brayer to spread the wood glue evenly.  In this case I used a discard movie poster tube.
3).  Positioning the artwork of scratchboard onto the backing board.
4). Placing a barrier sheet over the artwork. (in this case I used the transfer sheet).
5). Place the flat "vise board" on top of the artwork.
6). Clamp it with large wood clamps.
7) Wait for about 10 hours dry time.
8) Keeping my fingers crossed.
9). The delivery to the Gallery.
Gallery Prep

The Glue Roll
Applying the Art

Surface Prep


Light box pencil transfers to the bristol paper and outlining with ink and blocking large area of black when needed.  Over this week 3 pages have been completed.  Its looking good.


Page 1 "Humble Beginnings"
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

Page 2 "Humble Beginnings"
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

Page 3 "Humble Beginnings"
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

Page 4 "Humble Beginnings"
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

Now I am sure some people are going to wonder where do these Postit Adventures fit into the Johnny Vega Universe?  Well this is a good question to ask. 
  I had thought about starting a bunch of Postits that come at the end of Johnny's run but that kind of defeated the purpose of exposing the public to Johnny the way most people would read a book (or in this case a comic).   Another question would be how do these fit in with current printed Johnny Vega stories?  At the very beginning, the first Johnny tale to start.   When the stories reach the point of the printed books already out there I'll just post a cover and a image from the story over view.  Sorry guys no free stuff here for ya.
There are other Postit Adventures of other characters that may make an appearance.  So something new is going to be posted one way or another.

In the course of this  writing my scanning bed of 16 years decided to crap out on me making hi res scans of artwork and copies for the crossover difficult at best.  Either it means having to deal with Kinkos or barrow  time on a friends scanner.  Now most people will say scanners aren't all that expensive but a limited budget and a lot of money being earmarked for the dentist makes getting one a little hard..
  But I will work out the best situation possible.

And so there you go.  A lot of things going on at Scratch Pad.

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