Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Half Way Point

  Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 

"Cosmic Space Monkey" 8"x 8" Scratchboard
copyright 2011 Alan Bennett
The December Show for The BIG 200 is soon approaching.  And what a better gift for Christmas OR Hanukkah than a piece of art that keeps giving through the holidays?  And guess what, it last longer than Fruit Cake!  I bet you can't say fruit cake is archival no matter how much sugar has crystallized in it!  
For other previous art shows still going on  check out here for details
If that special piece of work that you want is still available for your place.  

Page 25 ToTJ
copyright 2011 Alan Bennett
& Jason Zachary Pott

The crossover is at the half way point folkes!  This is a good sign that the books are looking good and not rushed.  This is something I stressed to Jason about when I took on this project.
   As you can see the image is not completely done there is still a lot room for finished inking to take place and some digital background work to be done but this does give a insight into the process of how I work on comic pages as opposed to other of my cohorts in the field.   
   With rough pencils completed I try to outline the first pass with a ink pen and outline "my coloring book."   This gives the page the feel of a nearly completed page.  Blocking the large areas of black also adds to the weight of the page helps me to ballance the values of black and white (including the the white of the word and thought balloons).  Trust me, those word balloons will be fixed before printing begins.
   That's why it's important to me to have that step figured out long before any of the real penciling can be done.
   I should be posting some more new jpegs of the pages here pretty soon as the crossover continues.
   And many thanks to Dan De Paulo for helping out with the project.  If you wanta see some cool artwork check out this .
  ALSO I should also a special thanks to Julie Eggers for lending me her scanner for a short time.  At a time when a project like W.A.T.-Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys needs to have the pages completed and scanned in for digitizing she out of the kindness of her heart let me barrow hers.  Thanks Julie!
Julie is a great artist and designer here in Portland.   Check out some of the projects that she has worked on here at her website.  
   For some of us comic book geeks out there just the mention of working with Mike Mignola of Hellboy brings a mix of jealousy and awe mixed together all in one swoop!  Of course I have to remind myself that he is just a dude that has worked in the comics business a bit longer than myself and thats it.  It was fun meeting him for a short time in Eugene with Mike Allred and Art Adams.  That was a fun time at the Art Store for me.
  But now with that in mind I gotta bust out the pages fast because I am working on barrowed time!  

Where are we now with Johnny Vega and childhood exploits and later?  Starting with Page 5 of course.  We have found that Johnny is an orphan and is adopted by a family of Molluskiods on the planet Vega.  The planet had been under siege by organized group of Cainarious Raiders.  And now continuing with Johnny Vega in "Humble Beginnings"

Page 5
Page 6 

Page 7

Page 8

  I do apologize now since most of the Postit Adventures have not been properly edited.  That will happen later.  This I can promise you.

Old Blogger Site for Black Box Comix circa 2011
What a lot people I believe don't realize is "Tales from the Scratch Pad" are the new Black Box Comix Updates. IN the unfortunate game of Identity Theft I can no longer access that particular blog.  For that, I apologize.    Check here if you want to see those old blogs.  That is of you want to read up on old stuff.

And so there you go.  A lot of things going on at Scratch Pad.

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