Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Latest Scratch

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 

Well today (Thursday the 3rd) is First Thursday here in Portland and a few friends of mine are getting together to check out the scene for the new art around town.  Black Box Comix is trying to get recognized as a legit comic producing company and free lancer.  Larger pieces are under development currently.  Of these a small list for big Projects.  This list includes the following for a 24"X36" Panels.
1). Godzilla
2). Creature from the Black Lagoon
3). A Skeksis - from the Dark Crystal
4) A Dalek - from Doctor Who

"Creature"  5"X7" Scratchboard
copyright 2011 Alan Bennett

There may be more.
There are smaller 16"X20" that cover a story I have talked about "Dreams of Elysium".  These are all intended for a show at sometime in the near future.  The idea is that with a few recognizable characters from childhood and the way I render in scratchboard should turn a few heads.  
ALSO by heading out to the galleries I might be able to make contact with curators and get the scratchboard into their galleries  Be watching here for details.
Halloween 2011 has come and gone- unfortunately  I rather wish that if there was one day that could stay around forever it would be the this Autumnal day.  Thank goodness for Corpse Cop, zombies,  werewolves, aliens, Angry Gods, robots and non sparkly  vampires.

So currently Black Box Comix is being represented at the Goodfoot Lounge here in Portland.  But I really believe next months show at the BIG 200 will be a blow out!  Here is to keeping my fingers crossed!

All of the images for the BIG 200 this year.
copyright 2011 Alan Bennett

Page 16 of "Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys"
copyright 2011 Jason Z. Pott and Alan Bennett

Here is the latest on the crossover as it stands.  Things are picking up steam with this.  No more gallery shows or commissions to think about.

Logo for Weird Atomic Tales
Now by doing the same ol' crap means your destined to stagnate and become formulaic.  That word is a death knell of many promising artist.  This new idea pertains to WEIRD ATOMIC TALES.  Get this, "The Human VooDoo Doll".  After all the crazy imagery that I have rendered think what that could look like.  It was inspired by a photo of a friend of mine.  She gets credit for this.  
Page 1 of the Posit Adventures for Johnny Vega
copyright 2011 Alan Bennett
PageI will leave with that to think about. This leads me into a new conceptual idea of the old comic strip.  JOHNNY VEGA in The Subterranean: The Postit Adventures!    Well this gonna be a new "feature" featuring Johnny Vega.  Since it is hard for an artist of any comic book caliber to really get out there.  And follow through on idea based upon cash.  I know what I am talking about here because I have seen a lot of great ideas that never get to pan out because the return for publishing sometimes can be a thankless job.   I thought (sometimes a hard thing) about my  breakdowns and layouts and to  release them in the rawest form possible  that of a comIc book thumbnail.  This idea is hardly original but I have had two friends of mine who have thought that this would be a great way of getting my ideas out there.  I figure this is as good as any time to do that.   As most of my layouts are done on Post it's I thought it would be nice for people to see this book and character progress.  It has always been my goal to see this character through from beginning to end of his career.  At least that my hope anyway.
   I hope you enjoy these little bits because as with any busy artist we don't always follow though on projects that we have great enthusiasm for in the beginning of a project but we do get sidetracked from good ideas.  And like so we begin the story of our intrepid space hero in the middle of a story .  This is not unlike the original Johnny Vega story that  appeared in Guilded Edges #6 in 2001.
Enjoy kids!

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