Friday, December 11, 2015

As Time goes on...

Hey there sport fans, Al here with the latest from the box:
Soon the BIG 500 will be here! Next Week! Sweet.


Now for most of you this posting will come a little later than I would have liked. Again it's that real life situation that puts so many dealings with creating artwork far behind schedule.
In this case it's the holidays.
I have had several commissions that have came in resently that require a before Christmas Day kinda dealing.
I don't feel like an elf or feel full if holiday cheer because I can't focus on the people and one person I should be paying attention to ...myself.
Now that might come as a shock to some but when you don't take stock what needs to happen for yourself things don't turn out right. They never do.
So its a matter of stopping for a moment and look at yourself objectively.
So I there has been changes I have to do before the end of the year.
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Well today (last Sunday) is the final drop off for the BIG 500 show that will be going up next week in downtown PDX. It truely is a great show watching people gather stacks of art of so many different artists. I've been really impressed by the quality of the work for such a small amount of cash for each piece. I do realize that part of the proceeds do go to a good cause. But I hope that artists render their renderings for not being properly compensated for their artistic ability.
The BIG 500 drop off bag of art! Sell!

That has been a hard road to learn but one that I feel will benefit me in the long road.

These changes in thought lead me into the next topic....

 Doing art is one thing, selling your work smarter is something else entirely. 
For several years I thought that I was selling my work ( including the comics I had worked on) making just enough to cover cost of my printing but couldn't figure out why was constantly scraping by when the work was selling?

Simply, perceived value. 

I had heard the words but never understood the real meaning behind them. You can say it but until the individual is ready to really learn what is meant by this they will continue to bang their heads up against that imaginary barrier "Why? Why is it so hard make a living what I love to do? What am I doing wrong?"
That is actually pretty easy, your not doing enough.
There are a number of things but for me in this HUGE learning curve, it comes down to two (2) things- 

    1). Diligence, constantly working on what you love and learning EVERYTHING YOU CAN about marketing yourself. 
    2). Timing. There may be things you can control and then there are things that you can't. If you know that your work is good and sells to more than people you know like friends and family, you're on the right track but you can plan all you want and have great presentation but that doesn't mean spit when it comes to you being able to showing the work.

There are now other shows that are looming on the horizon for the kid and that is coming back to the Slingshot Lounge for another solo art show! I'm very excited about this as this was the first place to have a solo art show for the kid and I know I have a shit ton of work since then to show. It should be really fun for me. I will keep everybody updated as time allows.

There are two commissions that are outstanding for the end of the year and they both belong to a couple that I have known now for about roughly 4 years. One is of a full moon and the other is Bela Lugosi. Those should fun to do for them.

Now I have been debating about the idea of getting back into comics for a long time but having a character to work on for sequential artwork is good and allows me to make images that I can hang for shows later on in the year with other galleries here in town.
I still have yet to really get into places over on the west side of town but by having  a associated comic book that goes along with a group of artwork might draw a few people there. 
Of course it helps to have a recognizable character and in this case Robot Monster is the one. 
And that's what you're looking at the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Robot Monster!

 Here we see the recently invigorated Ro-man takes names and decimates big bulky doors with BIG ASS GUNS!

Cool stuff.

Other than that the kid is out of here.

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