Sunday, December 27, 2015


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Well my friends here we are again looking at the year previously. 

A number of momentous occasions have taken place this year along with several "Awakens " an realizations as well. 

We'll do a countdown month by month with an overall overview.

JANUARY: Only one entry here outlaying the next few months of shows to attend and hopefully be a part of.

FEBRUARY: Only a major move of location here in PDX from place to another. 
Lots of plans laid down for this year.

MARCH: Lots of talk about Richard Parker and a story for him being laid out.
Another  issue was getting a new smart phone for the business. Everything really depended on moble phone for both emails and running the Square apt. A third to half of my business this year has been due to Square.

APRIL: First disappointment of the year but not the last either not being able to get into the Line work NW show. Still not accepting that my work wasn't enough for them. I still BS on this but their loss because I know how good my work is.
The only thing to come out of the Line work show was a noticig that a number of individuals had most of their books bound as a hardbound. This made rethink how was going to compete with that with only individual issues? Rethinking the whole damn comic book thing and graphic novelization.
The name "Nostalgic Bad Ass" coined as a phrase to describe the work I do.
Prepping for DIVE IN art show.

MAY: Making first series of prints for Crypticon 2015.
Show was a let down even though everything else one preparation was spot on for sales.
A lot if pros and cons for this show.
A serious emphasis on  "Cry"in Crypticon. Making that nail in the show coffin that I might never do another retail show like that again.

JUNE: Last Monster on EARTH! Being worked not only as a staff alone piece but the continued stories of the Ro-Man being retooled like a Frankenstein Monster. And working on the 88 STRONG art show.
Only four out of the 8 completed due a loss in the family.

JULY: Blank month for the kid.

AUGUST: Final preparation for the DIVE IN art show at NWIPA. Finishing touches being placed and show details being worked out with Curator.

SEPTEMBER: DIVE IN art show begins but official opening not till two weeks later. Scheduling issues with previous artist and commitment. 
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW.  I can't say anymore than that. It would drive me to make the best I could do for The BIG 500.

OCTOBER: Setting up new line of products for mass production -tee shirts!

NOVEMBER: EUCON show. Another great and successful show for the kid and a triumphant return home. Many friends to see and re connect with. So fun.

DECEMBER: BIG 500. New approach to prints and work. A surprise to see how quickly art disappeared at show. And what was a worry about new technique being used to make work affirms itself that I can do better and not stress about the end of the year show.
Some small issues with commissions. 

So over all things learned and accomplished:
Themed shows are still hit and miss for me. You still can't tell what going to work for you and what won't but I will still continue to a few year. I will still continue to make comics but not to the point where I was at say 15 years ago. Square is the way to go and keep up on the technology that is within your grasp. 
Diversify your work into different groups. You don't have to sell an original all the time and value your work and your time.
Commissions need to be spelled out clearly especially when dealing with friend. 
Now onto the next year and a new show where a lot of things began for the kid.

And that's it for the kid till next year.

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