Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big Richard Parker

Well Sports fans Al here with the latest,
 Richard Parker is alive and well as far as anybody else could  know OR should know.

Almost all of the artwork has been completed for the DIVE IN art show for this September and it looks way super cool!
Now I am still having a group of friends t help out on this artistic endeavor with transmission and framing. And really I couldn't have done it with out them.
Thank you.
Now unlike the last show I had at NWIPA this features several different pieces of Richard Parker.

I am hoping that this feature will really give me the visiblity that my art requires at this time. I have been just on the peripheral of the art community in showing the work. And yes is inspired by comic books and the style of keeping action at the center of things. BUT still maintaining a good artistic esthetic.
 As things get closer to the day of the opening which is about 2 months away I like to have things done and ready for other issues that will arise before the opening. Advertising poster like this one featured right here is one thing that needs to be done right and and big as well to show off what kind of show this is.

Down below is the center piece that I have been working on at home for it is too damn big to take with me to work on a bicycle. Especially during this fantastic hot days of summer.  But each day that I have had this work it keeps growing bigger and more grandiose. Not unlike the comic book characters that I have worked on in the past like Johnny Vega.

BUT in this instance unlike Vega there is a number of people who like what I am doing and PLUS are willing to buy it!
That is exciting to any artist doing their work.  And with the way I am looking at story telling now I know that things are just getting better for the way I am presenting them.

Most of them you already know from the last couple of years that I had been talking about them:

Corpse Cop
This guy has been around moved out of the standard comic book medium into the art realm and back again. The comic illustrator in me wanted something that was funny and scary at the same time while working with this character. There is at least two or three more stories with that guy and then I'll farm him out to others to play with.

The Watery Adventures of Richard Parker
Most of that you have
already seen in the solo plates now it's time to step up the sequential art panels for the story. But Richard Parker has a lot do under the sea and how he gains back a life in depths.

Last Monster on EARTH! 
I am still working out the details on this gem of a monster mash up! And I might adapt it for digital color as well. Him and a version of Robby the Robot are on a collision course. I don't know how long this work would be but I think it would be self contained.
I'm still working out his transportation issue at the moment- giant hamster ball or futurist motorcycle.
I'm flipping the coin.

AND LASTLY "Dreams of Elysium".
My swain song to comics (unless somebody hands me the reigns to one of dream projects Martian Manhunter, ManWolf or Killraven.) But only then. Comics and comic book stories have lost their pull with people and collectors of truely unique stuff. Unless you have the flashy costume and your on TV your art and your story don't matter a hill of beans there Jack. 
Again I know that there are a lot of people you wouldn't agree with me (and of course this is my opinion) and may prove me wrong and I secretly hope that I am.  BUT till then this is the course of how I am going to make it selling art.

SHOWS-Now yesterday my girlfriend and  I traveled to the Mississippi Street fair here in town (PDX) for a small amount of time to kinda get a feel for the show. Would it be a good place to sell work? Hard to say but there isn't enough product in my inventory to make a difference right at the moment. I wish there was but there isn't currently at this time maybe in two years I could. But I would hope that I could get other materials such as more t-shirts and pint glasses made since my latest image of Richard Parker in the pint glass seems to have gotten a HUGE amount of likes from people on line. Time will tell.

Adam Watson had told me and George Leon of another website to sell work at simuliar to Storenvy Big Cartel and Etsy called Bonaza.
I am still figuring out the site itself but it never hurts to cast that net as large as I can.  

And that's about it for the kid here.

And for anything else that pertains to the box check out these sites as well.

And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on here at Indyplanet.

And mind you there is website
and the facebook page 

The Website also has some new stuff added for the comic books featuring Corpse Cop.

 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do. 


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