Sunday, November 4, 2012

Greetings for November

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
As of this posting I will have gone to the first Thursday Art Walk for the Performing Arts Center of Portland

  A much different area of town and not as many contemporary artists to compete with for viewers.
You'll have to forgive but the organizers of the show had a lot of last minute things going on so the poster here dosen't represent your's truely.  But still a fun show.
This is actually really cool to me because it gives the work a lot more breathing space than, say , The BIG 300 show.  

The show like any show I have been apart of has always started off slow but by the second hour it had definitely picked up for the art work.
But one of the things I did notice was the people who happened to linger on the piece.  Some older folkes and some, I guess, eccentric look individuals.
But like so many times before I let the art work do the talking.  If I was selling it up at a show then I might talk it up but not at a show like this.  And I think that I might be invited back for another New Brow show.
So here is to keeping my fingers crossed for that.

CTS#3 pl.2, pg.11

CTS#2 is being colored and prepped for editing by Mister Jason Z. Pott.  As anything Jason Has been working hard -even without a computer recently- on scripts and other.  Now as I was showing last week digital coloring can take a long time and the process can be fairly intensive but the end result is a great piece of work.  If the work was merely good than it becomes great if it's great already then it is fantastic.  Case in point, the submission to the E.C.C.C.'s "Monsters and Dames" book. ()  That was a great example of how a really good looking stark black and white turned into a good color piece.
Transfers for issue #3 of CTS are looking good and tight.  Solid pencils soon to be followed by solid inks.  Good times for Corvis and Company. 
Aother set of stories and images has already set up for Corrax's background as I have also already talked about in previous blogs (Sunday, October 21, 2012 and Sunday, September 2, 2012) That story might take a little longer to make because of one main issue that I had  while working on Johnny Vega.  Too damn much personal introspection.  In a world set up with interlinking places and conections there is a lot lost when you're trying to get across the personal motivation of a person or in this case a big alien bird man.
Now as funny as he is and as funny as I work at it that serious side always wants to slide into the forefront of a good story and somehow mess up the speed of which a story is being presented.  I think that was one of the reason I was getting bogged down with Vega - introspection instead of focusing on the adventure of the story.  So I had a little twist here and there and began adding a little more noir into the story this makes the story for the "A.I. Wars" a lot more interesting and it's presentation as well.  And just as a side note I know that the Corrax The Seeker books have not been offered on line as yet but when all of "Cosmic Confrontation parts 1-4" is completed then there will be a book through  and hopefully thought as well. If you haven't been to either you should and while you are there check out Darkslinger Comics.  Tell 'em Alan sent ya.   But I will keep developing the story with all that in mind until I am done working on the Epic Scratchboard Graphic Novel "Dreams of Elysium".
And that is about it for the kid here, back to your regularly scheduled programing.

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