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BBVA UPDATE for 11/11/12

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 


"CLION"  copyright 2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

    Even though most of the gallery work has been completed for the show this year that doesn't mean you stop.
You always have to keep producing work to prove to others that you are a hard working artist and that you are not just sitting on your laurels.
    And I am not one for just sitting around doing nothing.
    I am always creating something new.  The subject matter maybe be similar but the execution of it is vastly different.
So hopefully this small funk that I am experiencing the last couple of days will be disapating and I can get back on that artistic pony again.
Like all people artist occasionally succumb to being depressed.  It's not a fun thing but it happens and you just deal with it and move on and before you know it its over.  Now of course that may be just me too.  Everybody is different.
  But bigger pieces have yet to be made and ready for the last of the year but when it is done I will be ready for next year for the story of Dreams of Elysium to be worked on.  And there we go.  

Page 9- Basic Flat colors

   CTS #2 is entering into that strange twilight issue (not the books or those movies-uhg!) where almost all the basic coloring is done with a few exceptions that need to be figured out - some backgrounds and the color pallet for the "critters" that Corvis needs to deal with.  The other thing is taking time to look at the over all formate of CTS.  Do I or should I change a few things superficially for the cover- the cornerpost, the issue number least of all the price?  What kind of interior image should I use on the introduction?  All of it, I mean this has to be looked at every time I have a book being put together.  I think that is why when an independent has completed a book it's looked upon by the creator as a milestone really.  For a lot of those creators they only are able to turn out one or two major works in their life times before they realize that what they have been doing is a vanity press and a spendy hobby.  
  I, of course, realize that the love I have for the medium but it is in fact a hobby.  
BUT.... I will say this without that hobby I wouldn't have:
1)  Met some of the coolest supportive groups of guys I know around.  You know who are so pat yourselves on the back guys.  You all deserve it. 
2) Been able to hone my craft of drawing and illustration.
3) Learn the needs of a printer and meet their criteria for getting work out there.
4) Illustrate and branch out into other areas of art such as the gallery work and commissions.  And there you go, enough of the soapbox.
  To the case at hand with CTS #2 being colored what about the issues 3 and 4 being completed?  The rough pencils are being refined (currently page 8 of issue 4 only 4 more pages to do and the transfers begin!) everyday before transfer to bristol and ink.  I am thinking that before Thanksgiving this month I should have started this process to complete it.  And what is defined and redrawn before it even gets to that stage is awesome.

There was a comic book that a few of you know and read the epic story of TALE OF TWO JO(H)NNIES in Weird Atomic Tales.  Well it seems that a certain backup story came up War Ram.  Well with that story being told and drawn in a post  Kirby type of style Jason my friend and comic cohort has began scripting  a War Ram story for moi.
New and Improved and ready for destruction!
HOWEVER the story he has in mind is much more epic than I could have conceived of.  And this is an story that I want to put to the scratchboard format.  That's a mono undertaking as I begin to look towards working on Dreams of Elysium.  But I think that I could work on it dependent after DOE is done.

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