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Last Post for the year 2011

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 
A Little Corpse Cop Christmas Action for 2011!

FIRSTLY I wanted to say Merry Christmas to. Everyone and a Happy New Year.  
I really believe that this next year will be awesome and better.  Of course spirits and merriment may already commenced by the time of this blog for the end of the year.
  So let's get down to business shall we? 

  Shows come and they go.  And work for the BIG 200 is beginning to wind down for the end of the year.  
  Now I am not sure if I / we will be participating in other shows than that which was already mentioned like the "Hanspiration" show or another entry like the Portland Love Show 2012 but I am waiting to hear  for the invite on that one.
(Place "?" here)
There are only three survivors left remaining from the Patron Onslaught from the 10th opening.  
Of these surviving pieces is "Blood & Roses" , "Why me?" and "World on Fire".
After looking at the work I realized now I've gotta change up my game for next year.  After the completion of the crossover time to start adding some color as a experiment to the scratchboards.  I've been contemplating adding water color to the board and letting the color channel along the etched out ink on the boards.
  But I'm also thinking about using more of my acrylic paints and then scrape away some of the color leaving the white.  
  We'll see where this goes.
  But 7 out of 10 sold.  I knew this would be a great show.  So Many artists from the East side of the river selling their work in a different part of town.  

  The proceeds of the sales are going to help support (The Oregon Food Bank). The location is the gallery is here

Please support this and our local artists as well.  Everybody will come out on top.
  I do have to say this is the first time for me using my cell phone video capture here so if ain't perfect, blame the camera operator.
(The photos of the crossover here.)
Transfers for all 49 pages are done and inking has started on the 33 pages.  I am looking at mid January to have theses pages done.

Where are we now with Johnny Vega and childhood exploits?  Starting with Page 1, issue 2 (pg. 25 for collections)
    Previously in Johnny Vega, Man. of the Future: Beat Down.  Johnny coming back from a regular scheduled workout is attack by a unknown assailant  and left  possibly for dead.  There is no doubt that he is looked upon as a target now.  But the questions now are why and who?  There is much speculation to the latter question. 
And now... 

Page 1 (25)

Page 2 (26)

Page 3 (27)

Page 4 (28)

One of the biggest realizations on the Postit Adventures is the Pagination of the stories.  There has been talk of actually serializing Johnny Vega into a continuous comic strip on line.  This in of itself is exciting to think about but again only  talked about.  So I plan on having to 
two page numbers listed on the bottom of the pages as we near the end of the first 24 page run on Vega.  So to clear up any confusion the first number will be page number as it would appear as a printed issue.  The number in parentheses ( ) will be for a collection in graphic novel or better yet a massive Johnny Vega Omnibus. 
  I do apologize now since most of the Postit Adventures have 
not been properly edited.  That will happen later.  
  But the story of Vega MUST BE TOLD.  There have been many a project that has come and gone just like the holidays but  to me, Johnny Vega has always been a central figure that I always come back to.  Even with the Weird Atomic Tales books Vega is featured there as well.
  I mean really, how many other crossovers have this character in their books?  Three.  The Character has appeal, folkes.

The pricing list has been something that I as an artist have 
struggled with for years.  It has been a upward learning curve as well suggestions (and insistence of) other artist friends setting up a Etsy shop and looking as for a better provider for the Black Box Comix website.
  So more new things on the way!

What a lot people I believe don't realize is "Tales from the Scratch Pad" are the new Black Box Comix Updates.  Check here if you want to see those old blogs.  That is of you want to read up on old stuff.
And so there you go.  A lot of things going on at Scratch Pad.
2011 has come and gone like.  And with it there have been shows and galleries a lot of new things and a few goodbyes to some good friends.  
  But it has been a blast artisticly and I don't think it's gonna stop either

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