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Christmas Grows Closer

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 

"Why Me?"  8"x8" Scratchboard
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

By this time the BIG 200 will have been one week old.  Its unfortunate that I could not be in attendance but again as they say (and really who are these "they" people anyway?) A picture is worth a thousand words well looking at the postings of images by the shows organizers, there's a freakin' novel of Herculean portions to be had!  
(Place images of the gallery here) 
  The proceeds of the sales are going to help support (The Oregon Food Bank). The location is the gallery is here

Please support this and our local artists as well.  Everybody will come out on top.

There is more to talk about gallery work.  I wasn't sure about other gallery show coming up and  I did have my mind focused on other aspects going on over the weekend of the 10th.
  I thought there should be a art show that showed Hans's influence on others around him.  And low and behold my friend Jesse handed me a flyer for exactly what I was thinking, a celebration of my friend Hans Fuson life.
For the show  I am going to attempt to do two pieces work themed with him in it.
"Hanspiration" is the title of this show.  Featuring the art of Hans Fuson.   It is a celebration of his life and his influence upon other artist around him.  The Show is slated Feb. 24 though the 26th in Eugene OR.
I think it would be a great personal tribute to my friend if I could contribute

(The photos of the crossover here.)
By this time another 4 or 5 pages should have been completed and transferred to Bristol and ready to be inked and scanned!  But add this- this over the top 70'S style comic book smack down will be colored.
  I had told Jason my plan was keep this story in the continuity of the Vega time line.  This also applies to “the Ghost Assassin/ Johnny Vega crossover” story by Adam Watson. But some of the art work will be updated to seem seamless with the rest of the Vega books out currently.
  I have already have the wrap around cover done and one  panel colored as a example.  
"Ghost Assassin/ Johnny Vega"
2010 Copyright Adam Watson and Alan Bennett
  I think this could be cool. 
"Tale of Two Jo(h)nnys"
2011 Copyright  Jason Z. Pott and Alan Bennett

Official ECCC Banner for 2012

A proto banner to hang
behind the table 

The show awaits us and we it as we begin to push hard to finish our books and ready them for the printer.  It is never as easy when it comes to printing.


The Joker Commission

There is one last commission on deck and probably the most ambitious project I have had to come up with - a rendition of the Joker Pencil Trick . Full color as well.  
  This kinda scares me but I am going to give it my best shot.

Page 21

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24

Where are we now with Johnny Vega and childhood exploits?  Starting with Page 20
    Previously in Johnny Vega, Man. of the Future: Arrival On Proxima Prime.  After the dust up with the Wedjet known as Karnas Vega is introduced to other cadets along the way namely Jd'rel Meower.  Tempers fly as there are continuing skirmishes between Johnny and Karnas on campus.
And now... 

One of the biggest realizations on the Postit Adventures is the Pagination of the stories.  There has been talk of actually serializing Johnny Vega into a continuous comic strip on line.  This in of itself is exciting to think about but again only  talked about.  So I plan on having to two page numbers listed on the bottom of the pages as we near the end of the first 24 page run on Vega.  So to clear up any confusion the first number will be page number as it would appear as a printed issue.  The number in parentheses ( ) will be for a collection in graphic novel or better yet a massive Johnny Vega Omnibus. 
  I do apologize now since most of the Postit Adventures have not been properly edited.  That will happen later.  

The pricing list has been something that I as an artist have struggled with for years.  It has been a upward learning curve as well suggestions (and insistence of) other artist friends setting up a Etsy shop and looking as for a better provider for the Black Box Comix website.
  So more new things on the way!
These are NOT full size comix!
  These are part of the mini comix i have worked on for the last 6 years.  A friend of mine had also done something which I thought was awesome- put them into frames!
The minis are a special group of comix that take just about the same amount of time to create and print up as the regular sized ones.  I have tried to make one every year for shows as a calling card but this year with the amount of work I piled upon myself the mini I had done just never made it to the shows.  Weird Atomic Tales came out of this idea and there may be another in the works as we speak!  Keep watching for more details.
  If your curious to get one there are a few of the "Corpse Cop" mini still availible.  Start your collection now!

The Toby Person Collection

"Happy Holidays"  11"x14" Scratchboard
2011 Copyright Alan Bennett
The Benefit Flyer

One of the things that I have forgotten to do one thing is this a price list for all the scratchboard projects.

  On the eve of Saturday night 12/17/2011.  A cancer benefit show was being held at not one but three. local Portland Bars for a friend of mine named Jen.
  It is unfortunate that the reason several people are coming out is that my friend has been chosen to be one of those hit by cancer.
  Already have had to deal with this despicable foe with my friend Ty I was gonna do what I could to show my support for her and husband Jason.  They both are very cool and engaging people.  
  They like so many forty somethings like myself haven't been able  to afford health insurance.  This will be one of my few stances on political topics that plague our nation today.
  But this is also a double reason for supporting my friend Aron and his band The FALLMEN.
  If you dear readers remember Aron was the first person to offer me a chance to really promote my scratchboard talents for something other than comic book illustration.
  So there ya go some cool stuff for a cool bunch of friends.  

Price List 2011

The Gallery of Mini Covers
  Now I find it a bit funny after the last issue of Pandora's Garage Volume 5 would be the last anthology book I would ever work on.  Boy was I wrong about that.  As the first collaborate book between NEOtrash Comix and Black Box Comix  sees it's first big push with the crossover of "Tale of Two Jo(h)nny's" other books are seeing print in the form of a mini.
  OF course it deals with my favorite barbarian - Johnny Vega!
  Johnny Vega!  What the deuce?!  It's the unfortunate situation of science fiction- alternate parallels!  An anthology gives me a chance to play around with several different ideas.
  And all of them are in the form of a mini.  Short and sweet little stories of only 12 pages!  
  A traditional Vega story was that way.  DFA -Death From Above  was like that way and very first Corpse Cop story I came up with was that way.  War Ram is that way.  So it's kinda of a tradition to use the mini for these stories and characters.
  It also allows these stories to be prInted on there own that wouldn't get the same kinda press or weight.  A good four page horror story will just get over looked in a anthology five or six stories.  
  Like with the Postit Adventures the proto pages will be posted.  It just kinda there to whet your appetite.

What a lot people I believe don't realize is "Tales from the Scratch Pad" are the new Black Box Comix Updates.  Check here if you want to see those old blogs.  That is of you want to read up on old stuff.
And so there you go.  A lot of things going on at Scratch Pad.

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