Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Big THINGS on the horizon

Well hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Boo, sorry to see you go man.
Since the show, SCRATCHING THE SURFACE for the Slingshot Lounge is now done and officially I have no art shows to plan for really maybe except 2 that are a ways away one dealing with the Brothers Grimm and the always BIG 500 at the end of the year.

The Brother's Grimm art show (a.k.a. Grimm's Fairy Tales) here in PDX will be a different kinda group show for the kid. In years past I've had a tendency to only deal with one group of art organizers and though there is nothing wrong with them, it occurred to me that it might be time to look at dealing with other people. From what has been told to me this would be a great way for me to be seen in other venues showing that I can work on more than just Richard Parker or Robot Monster. 
I know I'm a great illustrator its just other people don't know it yet!
Seven Ravens

But what to fill in the gaps in between?

Big things are on the horizon and that means big art work. I actually mean physically BIG like 18" x24"! And a triptych to boot!

The crazy thing is that it won't be a Richard Parker piece. However Richard Parker had started it.
Let me give you some background information on this rise to fame.
Picture if you will a middle aged artist sitting a bar hunched on his stool with a beer nearby. In hands under a hanging dimmed halogen light trying to etch a illustration for a group show. 
During my show and previous at the Sling as I had mentioned that I had sold a Richard Parker piece about 3 years ago and had sold a current piece to the same buyer, This is great to have a returning buyer as well. 

So after the purchase piece was bought they hit me up for a commission piece - a large triptych and a spaced themed one too! 

Very cool!  

So I have making a game plan to makeThe most interesting thing about working on this triptych is that it is broken into a comic book form. That tells a small story.
Each18" x24" piece of board is separated into two distinct images when linked to each other tells a story. 

Spaceship designs for my triptych commission. 
I had been going through a ton of old video Sic-fi shows to look at similar space vehicles to NASA desings being used currently. Space:1999 was the big winner in this department. Kudos to Gerry Anderson and 21 Centry

As time would have it I have mangaed to get the problem resolved for the comic books with the online publisher KaBlam Publishsing.  
Please checkout the comix here from Black Box Comix and Black Box Visual Arts. There will be two more enteries soon
I was reminded by Facebook that Corrax
has been up for sometime but hasn't been printed up national distribution like all the rest of the Johnny Vega and Corpse Cop books. 
Speaking of Corpse Cop currently the third book is being held up because after taking some time to look at it and read it I realized that there were some parts of the story that need to be over hauled to make it easier to read. This means that a few more pages and panels need to be added to make the transition from page to page should be smoother and give the reader a lot more to look at for the cost of the book. 

And I think that is about it for the kid.

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