Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BIG 500 this weekend and other stuff


THE BIG 500 is almost here and all ten pieces are completed and turned in on time for the show.  I am very proud of the work this round and hope that all the pieces find a home. But never fear collectors of scritchy scratch art there are high end prints available for you for the low price of about 20 bucks.
BUT SHOULD YOU FEEL THE NEED there will be original art up at the show.  Now this year unlike years past when I have had to rush downtown PDX right after work with a shit ton of other artwork with to drag around. Not this time.
So think of this as a art investment as well as supporting the local economy.Here is a link for a video about the show this next weekend here.  The BIG 500.

NOW TRUE I haven't posted a lot of blogs recently But this is not to say that I have been lazy by any means. If anything that I have been more busy than anything else. I have been running into an issue if cranking out amounts of artwork for Corpse Cop and on top of that of structuring New stories for Richard Parker
and a book ties in with the images and post cards done in scratchboard.
On top of that is finishing Corpse Cop Inhuman Torch
 Today in the mail I received a package from printninja.com to see if they could come up with a reasonable printing deal for me for both the comics and other. 
And with the on set of identity theft independent printing has been on hold till the IRS deals me a bone with a new SS card.
The biggest issue with all these items that have been worked on is raw cash.  It has always been an issue for me that the production had been hobbled by just money not the lack of creativity.

This is where the real world (fuck it!) and the imaginary world's of the freakin' Vega Universe  collide! So I'm looking at restructuring my living situation to reflect the every changing events of my personal life.  Scraping by when I was single and in my early 30's but now I have to think of other ways of generating revenue to support the art beast!

Wish me luck 'casue a lot of this stuff will come back with a Vengence weapon!(visually of course).
I apologize for the lack of cohesiveness in this blog but the kid has a had a lot on his mind these last couple of months. Stick with me, It will get better.

Etsy and Storenvy have been growing pretty good but it is still pushing the envelope to make sakes and this has been a slow season for commissions and the like.

And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on.  

Oh well.
  In my opinion it is a strong story visually compared to "Arctic Wolf" story line. We'll will see how things evolve as time goes on.  I would personally love to see Corpse Cop do a few more stories before I'm done with him but we'll see how that goes down.

Anyway the kid's outta here for a short time.

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