Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Relaunch ...of sorts

 Well there sports fans, Al here with the latest.  
  Due a massive hacking job done to my personal email address I had to set up a new (and possibly a improved) blog for both Black Box Comix and Tales From the Scratch Pad.
  T.F.t.S.P is due in part to the massive amount of effort and turn out of scratchboard art over this last year.  I am impressed with the results of what has been a very challenging year for me but continues to keep getting better and better.
  But to cut to the chase I have to apologize for the change up.  This was not the way I wanted things to go down.  But comics continue as does the art for gallery work as well.

"Halloween 2011"  11"x14" Scratchboard
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

  As this next month begins to show up so do more ideas for art work and stories!  And we are no different that anybody.  Darkslinger Comics will be making a come back and with a vengeance.  Corpse Cop will be part of that rebirth which I am looking forward to.  It won’t effect the current situation with the crossover as well.  Or any other property that Black Box Comix currently owns.  And this is a good thing for there are several projects that are flagged and  awaiting a green light .

"Trust Me." 2011 9"x12" Scratchboard
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

"Fill in the Blanks"  16"x20" Scratchboard
2011 copyright Alan Bennett

  At this time The current "88 STRONG" will be coming to an end and with a few pieces already being sold.  This is always a good indicator that I continue to keep painting, it will continue to keep getting better and better.  But out of the blue I had been invited to join another show this upcoming month at the Goodfoot Lounge called "I am, therefor I think 5" show.  This was a show to kind of let the artists hair down if you will or had any hair mind you.
  I have to pieces that are going up "Trust Me" AND "Fill in the Blanks".  Now some folkes are gonna ask why these two?  What kind of social commentary could these be in reference to?
  Pretty easy to say "Trust Me" for is the relationship factor kicking in.  Who's bed are you being lead too.  Both beautiful heavenly and diabolic.  I know I going to get some crap about that but hey I got reaction right?
   "Fill in the Blanks"  right?  What's not to love about Corpse Cop.  With all the zombies and forthcoming apocalypse why not put him up there.  There has been in the media so many zombies that you could think one more to what's new?  Free thinking zombie with mini chain gun that's what's new!

  And then as that show comes to an end of November the People's Art of Portland will have a big blow out for The BIG 200 art show.  For this kid, I have my pieces already completed.  But once this show is done the work isn't over yet.

  A collection of last years five pieces in the BIG 100 show have been complied along with this years BIG 200 show and a selected smattering of independent scratchboard into a 24 page booklet.  Aptly titled "Scratch Pad- A Collection of Work" by your truly, Alan Bennett.

  And that is it for the kid 'cause I've got work at a new job- the Art Store.

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